Digital marketing isn’t a plug and play system and there are a few hidden secrets you need to put into action for your company.

There’s got to be something you haven’t tried. No matter what you sell, being in front of your customers when they are online is one of the most important aspects of bringing new customers to your company whether strictly online or both online and in-person.

You Have to be Tenacious with Paid Social Promotions

Have you tried using Facebook Ads in the past and nothing came of it? Did you feel that you were putting money somewhere that wasn’t helping your business? You need to try and make social media ads, especially paid ads, work for you. These promotions are relatively inexpensive and can reach a wide audience for you. Don’t give up, make adjustments, and stay active with your paid social promotions.

The Golden Rule Applies to Your Marketing

The golden rule is business is also called the 80/20 rule. You can apply this to many areas of your business but when it comes to your digital marketing it’s pretty simple. Only promote your business and your content 20 percent of the time and allow the other 80 percent to be for interacting and engaging with other brands, customers, and content. This will show that you’re paying attention and part of a community.

Video Marketing: A Not So Hidden Secret

In the digital marketing world of today, you must have videos to help you engage and showcase your brand and your products. Create videos that can be interactive, have video chats with an audience through social media, and promote local organizations. Your videos are a great way to showcase your staff and events to let your audience see what’s going on.

Get Connected with Influencers

Whether you know of high-profile influencers in your area or you need to engage with several that have small audiences, an influencer can help promote your brand and your company which will get your name in front of their audience. Make sure the influencer you choose operates in your industry before you begin to partner with them. It’s important to have a person pushing your brand that has the right audience for your products and services.

YourCall to Actions Can be the Hidden Secrets

How direct are your call to action messages? Do you tell people to click on your offers right away or have you forgotten this part of the instructions? Are you informing your audience of your hours of operation or being more direct and inviting them to stop by and see what you’ve got to offer? Use simple, short, and actionable messages to make your calls to action more effective.

Engage Your Audience in a Contest for Free Stuff

Everyone loves free stuff and entering a contest to win something free can be a lot of fun. This contest could be an entry for you when you recommend new followers, it could be a reward when the audience reaches a specified number, or it could be a giveaway for everyone who visits your business during a specified time period.

Your Story Matters, Tell it the Right Way

If you don’t feel that you’re an adequate storyteller, you need to make sure the team working on your social medial can tell your story for you. The story you have is one of the hidden secrets to separating you from your competition. Make sure it’s told the way you want and with the information that makes your company special when compared to others in your market.

Consistent Posting is One of the Hidden Secrets

One of the most important aspects of social media and digital marketing is to be consistent. You need to post regularly, whether that is weekly, daily, or several times a day. Your audience is waiting for your posts to react to them and give you the feedback that you’re looking for. Be consistent with your posts and your posting schedule.

Use These Hidden Secrets and Improve Your Marketing

You spend money, time, and energy on your digital marketing, and you want to get the most out of it. These eight hidden secrets may be items that you’ve heard before and what you need to implement to make sure you can have the impact you desire. Your online presence and efforts will bring more customers to your business and help you grow and succeed in your industry.

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