Do you know what actions are happening on your website? You will if you have goals set up in Google Analytics.

This tracking tool is the best way for you to track what’s happening with your website and how often visitors are seeing what you have to offer. The activity on your site will help you reach the main goal, which is to sell more cars to your customers.

Car Dealer Specific Goals

According to, there are ten goals you need to set up that are specific to car dealerships. Ensure these Google Analytics items are part of how you review activity on your site and how engaged potential customers are with your content. Here are the goals you need to set up right away:

• New vehicle detail page views

• Used vehicle detail page views

• New search results page views

• Used search results page views

• Video views

• Credit application submissions

• Trade-in appraisal submissions

• Contact form submissions

• Clicks to call

• Service appointment submissions

Once you set up these goals, you’ll begin to see results that come from the visits and views from online users. Along with these goals, you can add some that are specific to your page and the results you expect to come from your website. Customize your Google Analytics goals to match your expectations.

The Free Benefits of Google Analytics

You can find several analytic tools online that you have to pay for, but the one that does the most for your car dealership is free. Google Analytics brings a wealth of data to you which makes it easy for you to have the information you need. You can access information including:

• The geographic location of visitors to your site

• The number of visitors to your site during a period of time

• How many visitors accessed your site during a marketing campaign?

• Which social media sites directed users to your site

• How much time users spend on your website?

This is just the beginning of the information you’ll receive, but you can see how useful it can be to the focus and energy you put toward marketing your business. You’ll know where visitors are coming from and how to engage them further while also knowing which efforts are not bringing you the results you desire.

Connect With Google Ads for Smart Goals

Would you like to know how to turn your best engagement levels into greater success? Of course, and the Google Analytics tool can do this for you. You need to set up Smart Goals in this tool and allow it to be connected with your Google Ads account. This will assist you by offering you the best bidding strategy for your ads. The Smart Goals are easy to set up and use and need to collect data to help you improve the positive impact on your website.

Important Tracking items in Google Analytics

Once you’ve set up your new tool and have it linked to your Google Ads account, you’ll want to become familiar with the tracking reports from this impressive tool. There are several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you should learn to use and understand what they are telling you.

Here are several of the KPIs you’ll want to use in Google Analytics:

• Sessions –This is the number of visits to your website

• Audience Data –This helps you understand if your target demographic is using your website

• New vs. Returning Users –You’ll see how many visitors come back to your site and how often

• Top Website Pages –The pages that are visited most often are reported with this KPI

• Pages per Session –This is the number of pages a visitor views during a single session online

• Bonce Rage –When this report is triggered, it means only one page was viewed during the session

• Average Session Duration –The average amount of time users spend visiting your site, you want visitors to stay on your website longer and view more pages

• Organic vs. Paid Traffic –Are leads coming from your paid advertisements or organically from your content? This report will tell you

• Acquisition –You’ll see how users find your site, where their leads come from, and where the lead goes

• Behavior Flow –This shows the path a user took once they were on your website, this can help you understand the most common path to the vehicles they want to purchase

• Exit Pages –What are the final pages your visitors are seeing? This is the KPI for that information

This Tool is Your Friend

Your car dealership needs to make use of Google Analytics to improve the positive impact of your website and the online marketing you’re putting to use.

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