It’s strange for dealers to hear the words “no charge” when talking to vendors. It can actually make the company seem less trustworthy because there has to be a catch, right? There’s always a catch. Nothing comes for free.

In this case, the catch is that we want to do your PPC in conjunction with SEO. We are currently in the vetting process with the various PPC vendors in the automotive industry as well as a handful outside of the industry in an effort to engage with the best of the best. As a result, we’re trying to be open to every company that dealers use. The ones that we feel are sub-par, we simply won’t recommend. That doesn’t mean we can’t work with them.

Our goal in managing these accounts through other companies is to guide them as well as be guided by them to make our search engine optimization and PPC strategies consolidated. There are ways to improve ROI and bid properly for the right keywords in conjunction with an SEO strategy that makes the whole more effective than the sum of the parts. It’s odd that nobody is doing it now in the automotive industry. Perhaps they don’t know that there’s a benefit. Perhaps it’s just too easy to focus on one or the other. Even companies that offer both rarely have the right hand talking to the left hand. It’s a shame.

We don’t charge for PPC. We see it as a value add to our SEO services. It’s that simple.

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