Popularity does matter, and the car sales numbers show us that we purchased more of these models than any other last year.

Which vehicles made it to the top of the list, which ones are surprises, and which one might be the vehicle you think is the right one for you to purchase in the upcoming months. Let’s take a look at the top 15 cars sold during 2021.

Jeep Wrangler – An Off-Road Adventure is Still Desired

There were 204,610 versions of the Jeep Wrangler that were sold last year, continuing the idea that we love to take adventures, and this is the SUV that makes it possible. This Jeep now has an optional diesel engine, a V8 version, and a plug-in hybrid that all help to add to the mix. Are you going to make the Wrangler the SUV that’s right for you?

Ford Explorer – A Ford that Means Business

This iconic name was one of the top fifteen in car sales last year. There were 219,871 models of the Ford Explorer that were purchased during 2021. This SUV was going head to head with the Toyota Highlander most of the year, which gives you an idea of the quality desired and the drive that many shoppers were looking for in the SUV they wanted to take home and drive.

GMC Sierra – The Luxury Truck Continues to Shine

In a market where most vehicles reported declining sales, the Sierra saw numbers drop much less than other vehicles. There were 284,924 versions of the GMC Sierra that made it from the lot to customers during the last year. What makes this truck one that many love to drive? Its comfortable, powerful, luxurious, and offered with amazing features. Could this be the right truck for you?

Toyota Corolla – We Love this Little Car

Maybe you expected the car sales of the Toyota Corolla to rank higher on the list, but this car sits in the 12thposition for 2021 with 284,993 models sold. The compact build, reliable performance, and affordable price make this car one that we know will continue to be a top seller every year. The reputation and the car match extremely well for those looking for a great commuter vehicle.

Toyota Tacoma – The Off-Road Truck We Trust

When it comes to midsize truck driving and fun on the trails, the Toyota Tacoma has been answering the call for a long time. This truck is known for being offered in several configurations, and that led to sales numbers that reached 252,520 for this truck. If you’re looking for a midsize truck that is easy to drive, great on the road, and has some off-road qualities, the Tacoma could be right for you.

Honda Civic – The Redesign Resulted in Impressive Sales

The first quarter of last year saw the Honda Civic falling quickly behind other models, but once the redesigned version arrived, the sales increased dramatically. This is the car that begins the top ten, and it was sold 263,787 times last year. If you want a sporty compact car to drive every day, the Civic could be the car for you.

Toyota Highlander – Winning the Sales Competition

As you can see, the overall car sales numbers for the Toyota Highlander outperformed the Ford Explorer for last year. The Highlander came in with 264,128 models sold, which puts it in the ninth spot on our list. This was one of the few vehicles in the market to report double-digit increases in sales compared to the previous year. Could this be the three-row SUV for you?

Jeep Grand Cherokee – Adding Another Row Helped

The new three-row L model of the Grand Cherokee assisted in putting this SUV in the eighth spot when it came to sales numbers. There were 264,444 models of this SUV sold last year. Sales were up, and this SUV was one of the strongest performers in the market. The variety of trims makes the Grand Cherokee an excellent choice for all of your driving needs.

Nissan Rogue – A Redesigned Model Performs Extremely Well

There were 285,602 models of the Rogue that were sold last year, after the redesign that was part of the 2021 model year. This performance is impressive and puts the Rogue in the seventh position for overall car sales last year. With an excellent compact build, sporty styling, and attractive lines, you can easily see why this SUV was one of the most popular in the market.

Toyota Camry – There it is

You knew the Toyota Camry had to make its way to some part of this list, and it finds the sales totals from last year, putting it in the sixth position. There were 313,795 models of the Camry sold last year, making it one of the most impressive and popular family sedans in the market. Sedans aren’t supposed to be this high on the list, but not all sedans are the Camry.

Honda CR-V – Big Numbers Continue for this SUV

The Honda CR-V is the cornerstone of car sales for this brand. Thankfully, this compact crossover continues to be one of the most impressive vehicles in the market, with sales numbers that came in at 361,271 last year. Even though this is the Honda cornerstone, it sits in the fifth spot, which means there are four more vehicles that sold a little better than the CR-V.

Toyota RAV4 – Taking the Crown

The best-selling compact crossover SUV last year was the Toyota RAV4. This little SUV has the rugged style we admire, the reliability we desire, and an impressive package of features that make it the SUV we love. Last year, there were 407,739 models of this SUV sold, putting it in the fourth position on this list. The top three spots all belong to pickup trucks, which says a lot about this little SUV.

Chevrolet Silverado – The Heartbeat we Love

Should we put the Silverado and GMC Sierra truck numbers together and simply place them under the GM banner? This has been a question asked year after year. The Chevrolet Silverado was the truck chosen 519,774 times last year for those looking for a great truck to drive. There are several great choices to make this truck the one that can get the job done.

Ram Trucks – Charging Forward to the Second Spot

The runner-up when it came to car sales last year wasn’t a car but the Ram truck lineup. Car shoppers chose a Ram truck 569,388 times which easily placed this truck in the second position. That strong performance allowed the brand to enjoy a slight sales increase compared to the previous year. Will this truck continue to sell well? Is there a Ram waiting for you?

Ford F-Series – Is There Any Surprise

The best-selling truck lineup was also the top vehicle sold throughout 2021. This truck received a bit of a refresh for the lineup, including a hybrid version that made this truck lineup more efficient. There were 726,004 models of the Ford F-Series trucks sold last year, which was an incredible number. If you are looking for a truck that can give you the power, comfort, performance, and dependability you need, this is the right truck to drive.

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