Every job has activities that aren’t a lot of fun, but you should enjoy your digital marketing strategy to have the results you desire.

When you put a lot of effort into a campaign or creating content for your business, the results should show the passion you have for your industry and the message you’re sharing. Make it fun and that passion will come through.

Great Ways to Have Fun When Marketing Your Car Dealership

You have to list your vehicles, the specifications, and the pricing to give your customers a look at the inventory you have on the lot, but once this is done it’s time to make some fun and engaging content that will entice your potential customers to visit your location. Let’s brainstorm a few ideas of what can be fun for you and for your local area.

Create a Great Social Media Contest

Social media is a huge part of your digital marketing strategy and many platforms are set up to host contests and fundraising. If your dealership is supporting a local charity, create the fundraising page and then design a contest around how the money will be used and who will benefit from the donations.

In addition to setting up the pages to bring in funds, you could offer more fun in the contest. This could be a video of you doing something embarrassing when a specific dollar amount is reached, it could be a giveaway to a random donor at another level, or it could be that you host a bar-b-cue when you reach your overall goal. This is just one idea of how to use a contest, you could offer a contest that rewards referrals online or come up with another great way to make a contest fun and interactive.

Make a Selfie Station at Your Dealership

We’ve all seen the selfies online with people standing in front of their bathroom mirror taking a picture. Most of the time, we see the phone in these pictures as well. Why not offer a selfie station at your dealership and let your customers enjoy using it? You could start with your staff and let them share their selfies online.

If you can create it, you could use the selfie station to show customers sitting in one or more of the vehicles in your showroom. Set up the mirrors to let your visitors have the sportiest car in the background or put a mirror in the passenger seat so they can take a photo of themselves in the driver’s seat. Ask your visitors to tag your dealership when they share the selfies online.

Video Fun for Your Digital Media Marketing

Every car dealership has something similar but you can find a great way to stand out. Do you have an upbeat personality and know how to have a lot of fun? If not, does someone on your staff? If you have someone who is naturally engaging, they will be the person you want to showcase in your videos. Let the person or people you choose get to work to create videos that are amazing.

They can take customers on virtual test drives, create TikTok musical videos, show off some of the fun deals, and give a great tour of your dealership. This is a jumping-off point and you’ll want to bring everyone into the video marketing process, but when you start with a fun and engaging videos, you’ll see your audience grow and will be excited to create the next video.

Include User-Generated Content into a Fun Marketing Project

Take the contest idea and ask your followers to send you some of their content. They can create a short video just for your dealership, offer photos, or write out some thoughts. You can do this around some of the hashtag themes including Throwback Thursday, Travel Tuesday, Pets on Parade, and Manic Monday to name a few. Build a few posts that showcase this content including the top entries that you deem winners of the contest.

The benefits of the user-generated content for your digital marketing strategy are two-fold. You receive content that can be incorporated and your followers love to see their content on your page. This creates a two-way communication avenue that can benefit your marketing efforts. Along with the business benefits, this is a lot of fun and can be a great way for your dealership to show how important it is for you to be part of the local community.

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