Classic Fun for the Drive in the Alfa Romeo 4C

Driving can be a lot of fun and if you’re looking for a car that provides the joy of driving rather than offering you the practical side, the Alfa Romeo 4C is the car for you. This is a sports coupe that’s not built to haul several people, it’s not built to be a workhorse, and it’snot built to be a vehicle that you commute in every day. The 4C is offered in both Coupe and Spider models that make it fun for you to drive on the roads in your area and head to the track when you want.

What makes the Alfa Romeo 4C a car that can be ideal for you to drive? This is a car that’s a pure driver’s car and one where you’re going to want to shut out the rest of the world in order to experience the drive that’s right for you. This car is specifically designed for the track but it’s also street legal to make it a car that can be the fun you’re looking for whenever you head out for a drive. When you head out on the roads in this car you’re going to feel like you’re part of the car with the experience it offers you.

Making the Alfa Romeo 4C Even Better

Not only is the Alfa Romeo 4C the car that brought this brand back to the North American market to give us an excellent drive, this car has been upgraded for you to have more of what you want. This car offers a new front fascia with carbon-fiber vents which is optional on both models, and you can have black leather seating with yellow accent stitching which is now optional on the cars that wear black, white, or gray paint as the exterior color.

The 4C is light and active on the road to make the most of the 237 horsepower offered. With a weight of only 2,500 pounds, this car offers you a carbon fiber monocoque that allows you to have a lighter build and meet all the crash test standards at the same time. This build mimics those of racing exotics while staying street safe and legal for you. The steering you’ll find in the 4C models is unassisted and without power to be another way you’ll certainly feel like you’re fully connected with this car and the roads you drive.

Are you ready to have more fun on the roads than you’ve ever had from behind the wheel? If so, the Alfa Romeo 4C offers you a signature way to have the experience you’ve been looking for when you drive. This is a car that brings you an amazing build,the drive you want, and the qualities you’re after. Check out the lightweight build offered and experience the fun and active driving of the 4C when you see your nearby Alfa Romeo dealership today. This car is built to be fun and its time you were able to enjoy the drive.

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