Genesis Shows Off in a Big Way

We saw the Genesis Essentia Concept at the 2018 New York Auto Show in January and now it’s made its way to another location to show off what it has to offer. This car is a stunning example of what we can expect to see from the Korean luxury brand and shows what this automaker can put together when the designers and engineers are freed from the bonds of affordability to create something significant, pure, stunning, and simply amazing. Whether this car becomes a future model or simply has the ability to be a car that can be the inspiration for some of the Genesis models of the future is yet to be seen.

The most recent sighting of the Essentia Concept was at the Concourso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este where the car took part in the concourse parade on Saturday and then the celebration at Villa Erba on Sunday. This car certainly took the stage and was one that showed off the pure beauty and elegance of a car that can easily be the one that will offer the look and the spirit desired by the Genesis brand and is one that we certainly would love to have on the market as part of the available models for sale.

More to it Than a Pretty Face

While the Genesis Essentia Concept is a car that shows off with a significant level of elegance, this is a car that’s also the brand’s first battery electric vehicle. It offers a lightweight carbon fiber monocoque, a multi-motor electric powertrain, and a custom-tailored interior. The Essentia also serves as the first true GT car for Genesis and it has an estimated time to reach sixty mph of only three seconds, making it an extremely quick car that could be a lot of fun to drive.

This summer location was the second place we’ve seen this concept model and it will continue to be offered as a concept we can admire and enjoy at various shows around the world throughout the rest of the year. Genesis has stated this car is one that was to be the object of desire, passion, and inspiration, and it seems they certainly nailed all three with this car that offers the look and the style that will capture our attention and not let it go at all and is a car we all desire to drive.

As the concept that has us talking, one question certainly comes to mind. What will this car become for the Genesis brand? Will we have an Essentia as the flagship GT model offered for the fun of driving that we want to experience in the future? Will this car simply serve as the inspiration for other models that will be part of the lineup in the future? Showing off this incredible concept is a bold move for a brand that currently only has a limited number of nameplates to offer us, but it also gives us something incredible to discuss.

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