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If we were still in the 1970s and gas prices were below cheap, we wouldn’t even think to discuss fuel mileage.  In fact the only thing we would try and gain from a vehicle is more power, but it is 2015 and fuel costs have gone through the roof with the wars that ensued, rising costs to refine and the continued need to import fuel from the Middle East.  Knowing this, fuel mileage is generally the second topic discussed when purchasing a vehicle, right behind safety features which of course are the most important aspects of any vehicle.

Chevrolet has a menu of choices that will give you over 30 mpg of fuel mileage o the highway.  What’s really cool is they did not do this by applying the same solution to every vehicle, instead they have given you the right answer for each vehicle to the same question which is how do you improve the fuel mileage of this vehicle?  For example, the Malibu and Impala both offer the start/stop technology to shut the engine off when the vehicle is stopped.  The Silverado and Tahoe use Active Fuel Management which shuts down half the cylinders when the load is light and more cylinders are not needed and the Cruze Eco makes use of smooth underbody panels, a rear spoiler and a lower front grill air shutter that closes at higher speed to lower the air resistance and increase the mpg.

On another note, for vehicles that are not even powered by gasoline, Chevrolet offers some great options and helps continue to save fuel mileage.  The Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel reaches 46 mpg and is fueled by diesel while the Volt is an electric drive hybrid car that has a range of nearly 380 miles with both systems at work and in place.  The Spark EV makes it so you don’t need gasoline at all and offers a range of 82 miles per full charge for you to stay completely away from the gas pumps.

Overall, Chevrolet gives you ten models across the spectrum that all reach up to over 30 mpg on the highway, here is a little bit about each one for you to learn, love and make your choice of which Chevrolet is right for you.

Spark EVThe small and efficient Spark is a fun and functional hatchback that has been highly popular since smaller vehicles have become one of the most popular choices for those on a budget.  The Spark EV offers a range of 82 miles when fully charged and needs no gasoline every.  The one and only drawback is this car is made for city driving only because of the limited range and lack of gasoline backup.

VoltThe Volt is one of the most dynamic cars on this list.  This small four door sedan has a hybrid engine that gives some all-electric range along with a range extending gasoline engine to make its way down any road with a full 380 miles of range for this car.

Sonicthe Sonic is the larger hatchback from Chevrolet and works great for a small family to drive.  This car does have the availability of being a sedan as well as the hatchback.  With a 40 mpg hwy fuel mileage the Sonic can give you a great ride, features motorcycle inspired gauges and offers the fun and function needed for a growing family or a new professional just starting out.

SparkWithout the EV powertrain the Spark can make a full 30 mpg on the highway.  This fun and funky little hatchback is a great choice for students heading off to college as it’s easy to insure and can come with some great equipment students will certainly enjoy when away from home.

CruzeMoving up to the Cruze from the Spark or Sonic still offers you 38 mpg on the highway.  This is the step up sedan and gives you plenty of elbow room to stretch out and enjoy the ride.  The Cruze has become one of the most popular commuter cars on the market today and gives you the best ride you can have in a car in this class.

MalibuThe midsized Malibu sedan offers outstanding style a powerful engine and a highly engaging drive.  This sedan has been a favorite for rental car agencies, but with the new style and added features will be back in your good graces as well.  The Malibu can achieve 36 mpg on the highway to let you keep on driving for a much longer ride.

ImpalaEven though it’s the largest sedan in the Chevrolet lineup, the Impala shows up with 31 mpg for the highway.  This is excellent as your family will certainly want to keep on driving as they make use of the 4G LTE Wi-Fi or enjoy some of the other connected and enticing features of this large and nearly luxurious sedan.

CamaroIt barely makes the grade at 30 mph on the highway, but the base model of the Camaro is not only a great price, but also offers decent fuel mileage.  Who says you can’t have performance along with fuel mileage?  Chevrolet certainly says you can and the Camaro is the way to go to get what you want from this iconic sports car.

TraxThe Trax is the smallest of the SUVs from Chevrolet and gives you 34 mpg on the highway.  This small SUV has a lot to offer with its ability to head off road and handle some light trails, be a great vehicle to take to the beach for the day , or be a fun and funky vehicle for several friends to enjoy when they are on campus or getting ready to head out for the night.

EquinoxSaying the Equinox is a step up from the Trax is taking a huge leap.  This mid-sized crossover SUV is nearly twice the size as the tiny Trax and offers a great deal more function and room to be enjoyed.  The Equinox does make our list as it comes in with 32 mpg for the highway drive and offers you some of the best features you can have on any SUV in its class.

Even though the Tahoe and the pickups don’t make it on the list of vehicles over 30 mpg on the highway, they do make the most of the Active Cylinder Management to ensure they can have the best fuel mileage possible.  Head on down to your Chevrolet dealer and let them know what vehicle is right for you  to drive, one on this list will certainly save you some money at the gas pump.

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