You have to think about your future plans, be sure about your finances, and which car is best to buy from CarMax to fit your lifestyle.

Buying a car is a big moment in a person’s life.  You bring your children home from the hospital in a car, take family road trips, and even drop your kids off at college, so picking a good car is something you should definitely put a lot of thought into.

While buying a car is exciting, it can also be daunting, stressful, and overwhelming. But some companies are using technology and digital marketing to make buying a car easier, and in the time of COVID-19, safer. One company has been allowing people to buy a car online long before the pandemic: CarMax. Of course, CarMax also has dealerships and the option for in-person shopping, but its large online presence and options for flexibility set it apart from most other car companies in digital marketing.

Transparency and Flexibility

CarMax promises that everyone who shops with them will have a stress-free, “no-haggle” experience buying or selling a used car, and they use transparency, flexibility, and customization to do this. On CarMax’s website, customers can input their price range to find only the cars that they can afford, a much less overwhelming amount than every car on the floor of the dealership. When the cars do show up, CarMax assures customers that the price is upfront and transparent; there won’t be any hidden fees.

The transparency extends to the rest of the car, too. CarMax provides a full history of the car since they are all used, at no extra cost to the customer. This is incredibly important because when you are purchasing a car, you want everything out in the open. This transparency establishes credibility for CarMax and proves that they want the best for their customers, and aren’t going to try to cheat them out of anything. Instilling Trust and Promising Protection

Online shopping has been known to bring about scams and fraud, whether it’s for something as well known as the Nigerian prince, or something more clever and thought-out. But CarMax promises security and protection, whether you are buying or selling your car online. Trust in a company is one of the most important things to most customers, and securing this can be crucial to an online company’s success.

CarMax makes sure customers know all the information when they are purchasing or selling a car, and if they do end up having regrets, there is a seven day trial period to make any changes that may be necessary and give customers peace of mind. CarMax makes it clear that they take pride in every car that they sell or acquire, and desire to have the highest quality in every automobile. The promises of protection and trust set CarMax apart from other car dealerships and give customers the confidence they need to get a good deal.

Organized Online Presence

One major thing that can tank business is disorganization, whether it applies to the online website or an in-person location. Information about the product or service needs to be clear and concise so that inexperienced users can feel comfortable about what they are learning and can answer their questions easily, and CarMax accomplishes this. CarMax offers many different ways to find the perfect car, the first of which is helpful for customers who know what kind of make or model they want.

If someone prefers to browse or isn’t quite sure what they want yet, CarMax has other search engines that will produce less specific results, results that fall into categories like type, brand, and year. If a potential customer has no idea what they’re looking for, there are popular cars presented, as well as vehicles for particular lifestyles. Technology is integrating itself in things big and small, and definitely on the momentous occasion of buying a car.

CarMax has in-person options for buying and selling used cars, but they also have a large online presence and are taking advantage of digital marketing today. CarMax uses transparency, flexibility, and customization options for customers, as well as the promises of protection and trust to sell cars, and their organized, thorough online database certainly helps, as well.

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