Volvo Improves the Polestar Experience

More automotive brands around the world are offering sub-brands that become the performance arm of the company in order to give us the fun and active drive we’re looking for. Volvo has been using the performance brand Polestar to tune up the Volvo models to offer us more of what we want for the drive. With their recent offering of some limited models from this brand makes it one that allows you to have the drive that can be exciting, fun, and luxury-based for you to have a fantastic ride. Now, this brand is working to offer us something else for the ride.

Sliding During the Ride

Right now, the Polestar sub-brand is working on a package software for some of their new models that will offer a drift mode in nearly every model this brand creates. This package is said to be able to be added to all the new 2019 models that will have the AWD system installed. The upgrades to the AWD system that gives you the ability to drive and have the power you need in the rear wheels more often than in front, will make driving these models even more fun.

There’s a Specific Function

The new drift mode offered isn’t going to be just for the purpose of sliding around on a track. In fact, the ability to fine-tune the driving experience in this way makes the AWD system smoother and more dynamic at the same time. Using this system to send torque to the rear wheels improves the turn-ins, provides better control and improves the traction of the vehicle. This could make it easier to drive the Volvo model you choose when the weather is foul, or when it’s time to have a lot more fun.

Of Course It’s Fun

The entire premise behind creating the Polestar models of the Volvo brand was to compete with other specialized models such as the BMW M Series models and the AMG versions from Mercedes-Benz. This means the new drift mode will certainly be fun, even if it is a bit practical as well. More power to the rear wheels means more tail-out action, more sliding, and more fun on a closed course where you can learn to drift and see how your new Volvo can perform and you can drive when you’re ready to see how good you can get at drifting this car.

Where Will We See These Upgrades

So far, we know we’re going to see this new system offered on all 2019 models of the 90 series vehicles, 60 series vehicles, and the XC40. This means you’ll be able to get your massive XC90 SUV sideways and let it offer a fun and active drive. The only stipulations so far are that this system won’t be offed in a plug-in hybrid because those models have an electric-only drive to the rear axle which creates a rear bias for the vehicle. This new drifting fun will be great for what you want when it’s time to drive a new Volvo with the Polestar name.

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