There are a variety of home and mobile speakers that are voice-activated devices that offer search benefits to those who use them.

Ten years ago, Alexa was just another name. Then in 2014, Amazon created a product that had people all across the United States saying things like, “Alexa, add milk to the grocery list,” and “Alexa, dim the living room lights.” But Alexa isn’t a human-“she” is a voice-activated assistant found in millions of households. Alexa can recognize a person’s voice and obey the command that they give her within seconds. The device is just one of the many voice-activated inventions and innovations that have been developed in the past few years.

Other voice-activated devices include Siri, which is used on iPhones, and Google’s voice-to-text assistance in search engines, documents, and presentations. Not only are these tools convenient, with the hands-free approach that speaking into something gives, but they can serve as organizational tools that help people keep track of things they need to do or buy.

A Variety of Uses and Functions

One of the reasons voice-activated assistants have become so popular and their market has expanded so much is because it can be useful for everyone. Google Home and Alexa can answer any question a homeowner may have and can perform a variety of tasks. A recent survey found that over two-thirds of people who own one of these inventions use it to play music. Alexa and Google Home can play a wide spectrum of genres and artists, and volume can be adjusted accordingly, all things that come in handy when entertaining.

Additionally, weather forecasts and news reports are commonly reported by Alexa and Google Home. Another main use of these assistants is to set reminders, alarms, and to use them to ask for directions and other organizational tools. And of course, there are other uses for these machines, including food and grocery delivery, shopping, and other kinds of research and question-asking. These voice-activated devices can do so much in so little time, and many Americans want to utilize them for any of these reasons.

How to Take Better Advantage of These Devices

Although hundreds of thousands of people across the country have access to a smart speaker or a voice-activated speaker on their smartphones, a lot of people don’t use them. Some of this inactivity may be caused by concerns over privacy, data storage, and tracking that could be used for malevolent purposes, but some of it could also be attributed to the fact that not all users know what to do with these devices. For starters, some people prefer to use independent streaming services like Spotify and Pandora to listen to music and believe that smart speakers will take them away from this. But in reality, streaming services can be connected to smart speakers, and radio channels can be streamed, too. Additionally, podcasts and audiobooks can be played.

Those who utilize smart speakers in this way, for music and podcasts, and other forms of audio entertainment, usually end up spending more time doing these things on the speakers Sthan they would if they used their phones. Another way you can take advantage of the vast amount of convenience Alexa and Google Home allow for is to place the device somewhere you know you will use it. The majority of people who have these inventions put them in their living room since that is somewhere families spend a lot of time together. Kitchens are also popular places, for a similar reason as living rooms.

You are more likely to use a voice-activated assistant if you put it somewhere in which you spend a lot of time. Americans across the country have voice-activated assistants, whether they are in their homes like a Google Home or an Amazon Alexa, or on their smartphones, like Apple’sSiri. These assistants’ functions are diverse, and include the ability to answer questions, set alarms and reminders, order food and other groceries, and become involved in entertainment, so it makes sense that they are growing in popularity, and it is expected that this trend will continue.

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