Are you following the latest trending topics in digital marketing? Have you implemented any new strategies or tools recently?

If you haven’t changed your approach or added anything new recently, it may be time to see what trends are popular to get in front of more customers and increase your engagement levels. Let’s look at some of the trending topics you should think about adding to the mix.

Better Chatbots are Becoming Available

Many times, when you enter a “live chat” with a company, you’re actually engaging with a chatbot. These computerized bots are part of the AI-based technology that’s becoming widely used online. The bots that are used today are more realistic than in the past and many can be programmed to answer a variety of questions customers may have. This could be a way for you to be more engaged with potential customers when your business isn’t open.

Are You Set Up for Voice Search?

How many times a day do you say, “Hey Google” or “Hey Alexa” and receive an answer from your smartphone or in-home device. More apps than ever before are using voice search and smart speakers are getting smarter. Is your website set up to be searched using voice commands? Can online users find your products and services by searching through voice technology?

Can Your Promotions Be Sent Using Push Notifications?

Rather than sending your marketing materials through email, you can add push notifications to the mix and allow your customers to be instantly informed when you have a promotion, new product launch, or event. These notifications can be useful because you know the audience you’re sending them to are interested in the products and services you have. Add this trending topic to the toolbox and see if it increases your leads.

How Strong is Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Not a new trend, but something that you certainly want to continue to improve is your content marketing. This tried and true offering is still the most important aspect of SEO and will help you show up at or near the top of search engine results pages. Find out what the latest updates are and make sure your content is helping your online ranking.

Are You Testing Your Content for Effectiveness?

Have you heard of an SEO A/B Split Test? This is one of the most useful trending topics in digital marketing today. How this is done is to create two similar sets of content for a particular marketing campaign and see which one works best to drive traffic to your website. You can do this with just a few small variable changes or two completely different approaches.

Have You Begun to Create Shoppable Social Media Posts

Both social media and e-commerce are growing faster than we know what to do with them. You know that you must continually post on social media to drive customers to your website, but if you make your posts shoppable, you might be able to cut out some of the steps for your shoppers. Imagine allowing them to click on the item in your post and instantly be sent to their cart to pay for the item.

Add Interactive Posts and Enjoy an Easy One of the Trending Topics

You may already be using them, but you can add quizzes and polls to your social media posts, have embedded calculators for shoppers to figure out payments and costs, offer 360-degree videos, and show some augmented reality ads. The more you can allow users to be interactive with your posts, the better your social media posts will be.

Take Another Look at Omnichannel Marketing

The process of marketing across multiple platforms is called omnichannel marketing. This allows you to show a consistent message across all platforms to your various audiences. Often, it’s easy to have posts and messages show up in different places and this type of marketing can be a huge benefit to you and your company, make sure you give it another look if you haven’t for a while.

Augmented Reality is Growing Quickly

Not quite the same as virtual reality where you escape from your world augmented reality puts you into the area to see what you would look like in different settings. This technology has been used for room designing, fashion, and automotive shopping. This is one of the trending topics that can and should be used in your digital marketing strategy. Does augmented reality make sense for your business? If so, begin to implement it today.

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