Is there a limit to the size and the qualities that can be added to a vehicle that’s offered on the market? It certainly seems the answer to this question is a resounding “no” as more automakers added longer wheelbase versions of the full-size SUVs that are added to the market on a regular basis. When an automaker is able to offer us longer vehicles at this larger part of the market, we love the fact they tend to fill these halo models with an extensive list of items that will make it easier for us to have the drive we’re looking for.

The challenge comes in when the model that’s being offered with more length and more style is a crossover SUV that falls into an area of the market that’s not quite as spacious as the full-size models. The new Lexus RX L is a model that certainly fits this description as this new SUV is prepared to launch into the 2018 model year. When this new SUV hits the market as the newest and most luxurious version of the Lexus RX we’ve ever seen, it will be offered in two different models for us to enjoy the drive.

The Longer RX Models

The two versions of this three-row crossover SUV offered by Lexus will be the RX 350L and the RX 450hL, which gives us a pair of choices we can make for whatever we want to drive. In order to create the longer wheelbase, Lexus stretched the body by more than four inches at the rear and increased the angle of the rear glass to offer more headroom to those in the third row of seats. The second row also tips and slides forward to make sure access to the third row is easy for anyone heading to the back.

For the power, these two versions of the RX L are powered differently to give you what you want to enjoy. The RX 350L shows up with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that gives you 290 horsepower and 263 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine makes use of an eight-speed automatic transmission with the power being sent to the front or all four wheels for the drive. The RX 450hL is a model that adds two electric motors and a 37 kW battery pack to the mix to give you more power and better overall fuel mileage.

Choose the right luxury SUV for you and let it become one of the two new Lexus RX L models. The price you’ll find for this impressive SUV starts at an affordable level for a luxury model and it can make the drive easier for you when you need to take your family with you out on the road. These two RX SUVs will give you the qualities and the features you’ve been looking for in order to have a vehicle that pampers you on the road and provides you with the driving dynamics that will please you every day.

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