A recent study from iSeeCars has told us about some of the best used cars available based on average cost and mileage lifespan – but it’s pretty hard for the average car buyer to understand and apply.

So we’re here to simplify things for you with a list of 5 used cars with half their mileage lifespan left that you can buy right now – all under $15,000.

Honda Accord

Decade-old used cars may not seem like much, but the Honda Accord has been one of the best everyday rides for years. In this case, used Honda Accords cost an average of $13,400 and have over 113,000 miles left – right at 50% of their lifespan.

It has roomy rear seats, good fuel economy, and reliability that can’t be found in today’s cars.

Honda Civic – Coupe

Honda Civics are always battling Accords for the top spot, and this time they won out. The coupe sells for $12,600 on average and has 52% of its lifespan left, nearly 118,000 miles!

Coupe models were phased out over the years, making this particular model a classic. Like the Accord, it has Honda’s well-known reliability; it also has multiple powertrain options and a comfortably smooth ride.

Toyota Prius

People who own a Toyota Prius swear by it, and this proves it. The average Toyota Pruis sells for $13,800 and 129,000 miles of just over 250,000 left – just under 52% of its lifespan.

A used Prius has stellar safety scores, unheard of – at the time – fuel economy, a comfort-focused ride style, and high-tech feature availability to help back up its good reputation. That’s why it’s among the top used cars to purchase this year.

Toyota Camry – Hybrid Model

A Toyota Camry is good, but a hybrid is better – it averages $14,300 and still has just under 51% of its lifespan left, with 116,900 miles still available to use.

Like the Prius, Toyota Camry hybrids were made with newly-developed technology when they came out. These hybrids boasted high safety scores and fuel economy, quick acceleration, and excellent brake systems.

Chevrolet Impala

The Chevrolet Impala has the lowest price and lifespan on this list – $9,700 average sale price and 49% of its lifespan at just under 112,000 miles.

While it had less style years ago, the Chevy Impala didn’t disappoint in control, trunk space, and engine efficiency. It even had seating for six available!

How to Take Advantage of These Great Used Cars

So if you’re looking for affordable used cars that will still get you from Point A to Point B for many years to come, consider these five vehicles. They still have as many miles on them as some of today’s cars do brand-new!

Visit your local dealership to find and test drive some of these great used vehicles, and check back here for more information about car deals!

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