The Best Used Midsized Trucks

Why Midsized?

This is a question that many have had to ponder in the decades since the smaller yet fully capable midsized category appeared to compete with its bigger, brawnier brother, the full-size pickup. But there are plenty of advantages midsized trucks offer that full-sizes lack. Fuel economy, driveability (and, ahem, parkability), cost, and sheer need are just a few of the reasons that the midsized truck has become so popular.

Because, while you may need a truck, you may not need a full-sized torque monster that is equally at home on the Jobsite as it is on the highway. Enter the midsize. And, when it comes to buying used, there are plenty of exciting, economical, and downright fun options available. Let’s get to it!

Toyota Tacoma


A Toyota Tacoma is going to be worth more than its weight in price over the years, as it is one of the longest-lasting and most durable trucks ever built. Look around on any highway, in any parking lot, and down every driveway and you’re bound to see more than a few used Toyota Tacoma trucks from years past. That’s because people buy their Tacomas and hang on to them forever. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see an older Taco with a quarter-million miles on the odometer.

And that’s because, with just the minimal amount of routine maintenance and some regular TLC, a Taco will just about run forever, making it the most value-laden used truck ever built. And, unlike so many other used vehicles (and because of everything already mentioned here), Tacomas hold their value unlike any other car or truck around.

Nissan Frontier


Why mess with something that works? That seems to be the line of thinking when it comes to the Nissan Frontier, which has seen minimal redesign since it first debuted nearly two decades ago.

Because a Frontier is just as capable as a grocery-getter, a daily driver, a work truck, or a weekender adventurer, it’s one of the most popular and most enduring used midsized pickups around. It’s also one of the cheapest used midsized pickups you’ll find, making it a steal no matter what.

Ford Ranger


The Ranger is back, baby! And that makes Ford enthusiasts super excited because, throughout its history, this little truck created legions of devotees.

Thanks to its diminutive size yet its ability to punch well above its weight class, along with an undeniable appeal when it comes to the looks and styling departments, the Ranger is an absolute legend of a truck. And though the all-new Ranger is exciting, it’s the old-school Ranger that’ll make your bowtie spin. Like the Tacoma, this is still a truck you’ll see on just about any road at just about anytime, with models reaching way back to the nineties.

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