Chevrolet Volt

If you want to enjoy the benefits of driving in a car that can save you fuel and offer you the electric drive you want to experience on a daily basis, the 2019 Chevrolet Volt could be the right choice for your drive.

This car is one that makes it easy for you to enjoy the ride around town without ever using any gasoline while also having the ability to take a road trip when you need to. Take a look at what the Volt has to offer for your drive.

The Volt Offers You the Right Power

The power of the Chevrolet Volt comes from a 1.5-liter gasoline engine plus two electric motors that make use of an 18.4 kWh lithium-ion battery. This system is able to offer you the output of 149 horsepower and 294 lb.-ft. of torque. This powertrain is good for 53 miles of driving on the electric system only and then once the gasoline engine kicks in you’ll have a long range of driving to continue. Overall, you can have a total range of up to 420 miles on a single charge and a full tank of gas with the Volt.

Beauty from the Driver’s Seat

The view you’ll see from the driver’s seat is impressive. This car is balanced and offers you the visibility you need to see clearly. In the center of the dashboard is a 7.2-inch touchscreen that’s responsive and makes it easy for you to have the controls you want when you drive. A power driver’s seat is now standard and you can choose the Volt in a new Pacific Blue Metallic paint with a new interior trim which is Jet Black/Porcelain Blue. The gasoline engine now turns on to add heat to the cabin rather than draining the electric battery for the heat you need.

New Charging for the Volt

The 2019 Chevrolet Volt now makes use of a 7.2 kW charging system which is twice as large as the one used in the standard model. This new charging system will charge the Volt twice as fast as the regular model. This means the battery will be charged in only two hours instead of four and a half. This upgraded charger is an option on the LT trim and standard for the Premier model. This will make it easier for you to take full advantage of what the Volt can offer you.

The Volt is a Hybrid that Feels Different

The idea of the Volt is that it will feel normal to you. Some hybrid models make you feel the regenerative braking or make it difficult for you to adjust to the changes in the driving characteristics. Chevrolet has taken great strides to ensure this won’t happen in the Volt and that you can have the driving experience you want and expect from this car. This is a car you want to take for a drive to see exactly how it will perform for you on the road. Keep in mind that Chevrolet also offers a hybrid version of their Malibu sedan. Their interest in creating quality hybrid vehicles will most likely benefit drivers, making the Volt worth a look.

Braking Done Right

The Volt does have a regenerative braking system to capture some of the energy while braking and feed it back into the battery pack. This is done with the Regen On Demand paddle, which is the same item that you see in the Bolt EV. This allows you to slow the car with the push of a button and not worry about pushing the brake pedal when you’re ready to slow the car or bring it to a stop. This is a simple and intuitive way to control your speed.

Will You Drive the 2019 Chevrolet Volt?

The Chevrolet Volt is in its second generation on the market and it brings you a ton of the qualities you want when you head out on the road. This car offers you a quiet, comfortable interior, it handles extremely well, and you’ll see a handsome set of new display graphics. This car is one that makes a difference for you when you take it out for a drive. Visit your nearby Chevrolet dealership and choose the right trim level of the Volt that will give you the drive you want when you take it on the road.

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