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In the world of search optimization for car dealers, there are three words that make up the mantra for defining the targets to attack: local, local, and local. There are so many out there that focus on two of the wrong directions with their search strategy. Either they go too broad, attacking keywords that will place them well out of reach for people who are looking to buy a car, or they go hyper-local. The last is the worst because technically, it’s not SEO at all. Google and Bing are both smart enough to figure out that you dealership should rank for people within the extreme local area. The goal of automotive SEO is to get you ranked within a realistic market area, but one that can extend beyond walking distance.

The way that Google and Bing have set up their localized search algorithms make it actually very easy to localize search. As a result, consumers should be able to find the dealership on search as long as they’re within a reasonable driving distance. This varies from dealership to dealership and from brand to brand. A dealership in the middle of Montana can go for a much wider physical range than a dealership in the heart of Chicago.

From a brand perspective, this is one of the keys to differentiating our automotive SEO service from others in the industry. Optimizing a Honda store in Dallas is completely different from optimizing an Aston Martin store next door. Local can be defined differently for each because the saturation of Honda dealers in the area is much higher than Aston Martin Dealers.

In this infographic, we take a look at seven local factors. We aren’t crazy about the seventh one, so we’re only focusing on the first six. It comes to us from TechMagnate.

Local SEO Infographic

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