Ram Rebel Detroit Auto Show

Many pickup truck owners now want their trucks to already be fitted to go off the road and head out for a great adventure without having to add a lift kit, larger tires, a tow hook or any other equipment that might be needed. Ram heard this call and has developed the Ram Rebel as an answer to this need. As Ram representatives have put it, the Rebel is not meant to compete with the Ford Raptor which is more of a high-end off road beast that owners have to fear damaging on trails. Instead the Rebel is a true gut it out and push through the mess off road truck.

This amazing truck comes complete with tow hooks, mud tire and an air suspension to give an extra inch of lift where it is needed. To ensure owners won’t be afraid to take this beast on the trails the front and wheel wells are covered with an easily replaceable black cladding that is cheap, somewhat durable, but won’t make you cry when you have to pay for a new piece. The skid plates offer a similar feature being able to easily be replaced when damaged, making this a truck that is not only off road capable, but also off road smart.

Another very intelligent feature is the powder coated black bumpers which are durable and fit right in with the other rugged features of this very enjoyable truck. To fit in with the rest of the features, the 17-inch wheels offer black and polished aluminum finishes creating a very attractive and aggressive feeling in a truck that is meant to be driven where the pavement ends. The badges don’t want to be left out of the consideration and are all flat black with the paint joining the party offering six two-tone options that all have black on the bottom half.

Inside the Rebel the upholstery carries in the exterior look with two-toned red and black materials and tire tread patters in the back rests. All these fantastic appearance features give the Rebel not only the feeling of being a truck that should be taken off road, but is one that really must be taken to the reaches of the trails to fully immerse in the capability of this amazing and rugged off road bruiser.

For those of us who seriously are considering buying a Ram Rebel, the truck should offer a warning label to plan for fun, adventure, excitement and an all new commune with nature for anyone who will drive this amazingly strong and rugged off road beast. With the Rebel coming out in the second half of 2015, it’s time to start planning some great trips to the woods to go camping, a trail ride through the deep mud to see how far this truck can go and even some fishing trips to the secluded fishing hole that only you know about and normally have to reach on foot. Get in, get going, and enjoy the ride in a new Ram Rebel that will gladly take you to the far reaches of any trail.


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