Jeep Cherokee

When the team at Jeep shows up at the Detroit Auto Show, they will bring with them a new version of the Jeep Cherokee that will become part of the 2019 model year.
This new version of the Cherokee has been spied out testing on the roads and it was difficult for the Jeep team to hide one feature that will be easy to notice when the Cherokee is unveiled in just a short period of time. This new model has been upgraded and adds more of what we want for the drive, but we don’t know much yet except for one detail.

Think about what the previous version of the Jeep Cherokee offered when you looked at it. This is an SUV that has a modern style that is much different from what you’re used to with Jeep. The previous model had small and bent vents up front in the seven-slot grille, a pair of extremely narrow and squinty headlights, and a style that makes it look similar to a model that belonged in a different brand lineup and not one that should be wearing the Jeep name as it drives along on the roads and trails.

The Initial Changes in Your Jeep Cherokee

While the body of the new Jeep Cherokee looks much the same as it did in the past with a rear that has only minor revisions to it with a fascia that offers a premium style and some new taillights. Up front, the most interesting change is with the headlights that are built and set in a more traditional manner than what you’ve had in the past. While these new headlights aren’t the extremely traditional Jeep round-eye models that are offered for some of the names that you associate with the Jeep brand.
The powertrains that will be offered for the new Jeep Cherokee include a base model that offers a 2.4-liter four-cylinder model that is capable of offering as much as 184 horsepower and 171lb.-ft. of torque. For the upgraded versions of this SUV, you’ll see the newest FCA powertrain, which is a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that is capable of making as much as 270 horsepower and 295 lb.-ft. of torque. The transmissions haven’t been discussed yet, but we’ll get to see and learn more regarding what this new version of the Cherokee will bring to the market when it’s time for the drive on the road.

We’re going to see and learn more about the new 2019 version of the Jeep Cherokee when it makes its debut in Detroit on January 16. This is when this particular model will be on display to let us learn everything we can about this impressive new version of the compact SUV that we want for the drive. We’re going to have a lot to discuss when this impressive model shows up on the stage and allows us to see what’s being offered for the drive we want to enjoy on the roads for our daily ride.

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