The automotive world is one of the most competitive industries on the planet and you need your team to use the right tools for SERP rankings.

There’s a lot more to keeping your name at the top than simply bidding on keywords and creating content from these terms. Let’s take a look at a few items that should be added to the mix to put your name at the top.

Using Schema Markup, Your Pages Can Rank Near theTop Naturally

It might be Greek to you, but Schema Markup is an important part of your digital marketing strategy. This is a language of search engines that werecreated through a collaboration of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex in 2011. The markups are added to the content of a webpage to tell search engines what the information is for and what to do with it.

Why Will This Help Your Dealership?

You might not care about the technical aspect of using Schema Markup but want to know why it’s one of the right tools for you to have in the toolbox. Here are some of the ways this can help your dealership:

Increased SEO Rankings

Schema Markup can increase the ranking on SERPs for your website. Sites that use this process typically rank four positions higher than those that don’t. The higher your pages rank on Google SERPs, the more likely your dealership is to be found.

Online Leads are Increased

Specific information shows up with this process and that information brings more of the information to your customers that you want to present to them. This can bring more leads to your dealership through your website to make it easier for you to sell more cars.

Voice Search Becomes Possible

If you use any of the voice assistants (Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa) to help you find information, you’re employing Schema Markup in the process. As these items are used more widely, this will be one of the most important items your team uses. You want them to use the right tools and it’s easy to see Schema Markup is one of them.

Semantic Web is Another One of the Right Tools for You

Your dealership is more reliant than ever on leads coming from your website and online marketing strategies. Another process that can aid in bringing your pages to the top of search engines is the Semantic Web Initiative. This process is used to make content on a website easily readable, understandable, and easily categorized.

What Does Semantic Web Do for Your Website?

This initiative is another way your pages can be marked up to categorize the content in a standardized manner to offer the structure that machines and search engine crawlers can easily understand. This gives your website more authority and allows it to be brought to the top of search engine pages.

How Does Your Dealership Benefit?

Why is using the Semantic Web Initiative one of the right tools for your digital team? With the markups added, your pages will have more authority, be properly categorized, and can easily show up where users want them to. Your dealership will be one of the first names when local users are looking for the cars that you sell, which leads to more online contacts and sales.

Structured Data is Becoming More Widely Used

Along with Schema Markup and the Semantic Web Initiative, the development of Structured Data came out of the collaboration of search engine companies. This data structuring uses RDF and Microformats to offer a wide use of content that can be easily categorized foryour website. The vocabulary of structured data originally did not include the automotive industry, but it does now.

Similar Benefits with this Tool

Why should you use Structured Data? Is this truly one of the right tools for your toolbox? Similar to Schema Markup and the Semantic Web Initiative, Structured Data offers small bits of information that are useable to the customer to make sure a better match for the search terms is found. If your website uses this tool, you’ll gain more views where you want them to give you the attention and the leads you’re after.

Put All Three to Work for You

What are the right tools to give your digital team to use? You want your car dealership to benefit greatly from online leads. Allow the digital marketing team to use all three of these tools to ensure your website has the greatest authority and presents information to potential customers to bring more leads and sales to your dealership.

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