One of the most successful business platforms that grew by leaps and bounds during the COVID-19 pandemic is Shopify.

This platform allows businesses to showcase products and have them drop-shipped to customers easily. A Shopify store is easy to set up and allows businesses that are just started out to grow and be successful right out of the gate.

What Makes this eCommerce Platform Stand Out from the Rest?

Here are some ways that Shopify stands out when compared to other eCommerce platforms:

Easy Marketing – Various SEO and marketing tools available to startup businesses

Commitment to Sustainability – Environmental initiatives are a priority

Customer Support – 24/7 customer service through live chat

Easy to Use – Typical online barriers are broken down to make it easy for new businesses

Affordable – A Trial period is offered and pricing starts at only $29 per month

Variety – Your business can look and feel unique with over 100 themes offered

Great for Beginners – A Shopify store is easy to set up, making it easy to start selling within a couple of days.

Shopify Success Stories

The initial question presented is “how successful are businesses that start on Shopify?” let’s take a look.

Fashion Nova

One of the most popular eCommerce brands has become Fashion Nova. This company made more than $400 mill in 2019. Fashion Nova offers affordable clothes for men and women of all shapes and sizes to give you fashionable clothes you can afford and enjoy. You don’t have to be magazine-thin to enjoy the clothing offered by this store.


This is a unique home décor store that has as many as 85,000 monthly website visitors. You can find beautiful items for your home that can be sent right to your home, making it easy for you to avoid the trouble of going to the store. The rugs sold by this company are washable, which makes it easy for you to put your rug in a washer at the laundromat when you need to have it cleaned.


This company offers off-grid energy products for camping and recreational activities, but they have a much larger mission. This company has impacted the lives of many people living in Africa by bringing safe cooking, lighting, and charging options to these families. They donate some of every purchase to this initiative, which is a great way for the company to impact others.

Exist Travel

If you’re looking for excellent travel booking on Shopify, this is the store for you. You’ll find amazing pictures of destinations you’ll want to see and enjoy. Check out the packages that allow you to go somewhere you might have never thought you would be able to so that you can enjoy traveling all over the world.

Taylor Stitch

Here’s a company that offers you eco-friendly men’s fashion items to give you the clothing you want to wear and enjoy. You’ll love the affordable clothes from Taylor Stitch and enjoy the fact that they are made from 100% recycled, regenerated, or natural fibers. This company also partners with local organizations to offer community services to make an impact on the area where they work and live.


Do you think having more than 52,000 visitors every month makes a company successful? Raycon is one of the top-grossing electronic stores on this eCommerce platform. You can find impressive images of the products they sell and enjoy the social media support around this brand. If you’re in the market for some new electronics, you might be buying the same earbuds that are being used by celebrities like Mike Tyson when you shop with Raycon.


Admire the strikingly beautiful design of the website and storefront for ColourPop. When you do, you’ll know why this store is making more than $4 million per year in revenue. This brand has brought in some big names to work with them, such as Disney and Sofia Nygaard, which help push customers to the ColourPop website through their social media accounts. This is a successful cosmetics store that does business online.

Are You Ready to Open a Shopify Store?

You could have shoppers looking at your site within a couple of days if you’ve got products to sell and need a way to get them from your garage into the hands of those customers that are waiting for you. Once you start your store, it might not be too long from now that you need to expand your business because of your success and popularity as one of the many success stories on this eCommerce platform.

This post may contain affiliate links. Meaning a commission is given should you decide to make a purchase through these links, at no cost to you. All products shown are researched and tested to give an accurate review for you.

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