Aren’t most of your sales taking place at your car dealership? Why should you pay attention to social media marketing?

If you’re looking to create a captive audience and attract more attention for your dealership, you absolutely must be active on social media and market for your dealership. Let’s take a look at some of the most important aspects of marketing you need to employ.

Reviews are Extremely Important to Your Online Reputation

You need to cultivate good reviews from your satisfied customers. The best reviews highlight the success of your dealership and the fact that customers are happy to work with your team. Many people look at the overall rating of a business before working with that company. Make sure your reviews are stellar and respond to the feedback you get from your customers.

Data Doesn’t Lie

Car buyers need to visit a dealership to make a purchase, but what tells them to visit a particular location? More than 78 percent of car buyers are using social media in their decision-making. This makes your social media marketing more impactful than ever. You need to understand that your customer base wants to engage with your team before ever driving to see what you have to offer.

What Type of Content Should You Offer in Your Social Media Marketing?

There are various types of content and various platforms to use to engage your audience through social media. Let’s take a look at some of the content types and offer some ideas to give your marketing a boost.

Video Content is Amazing

Engagement through video content is incredibly effective and can easily grab the attention of many online users. The more dynamic and entertaining your videos are, the more you’re going to see others meet you online and see what you have to offer. Here are a few video ideas for your dealership:

• A dealership tour

• Reading of a customer review

• Interview a team member

• Showcase a service offered at your dealership

• A test drive of a new model

Content Links Make an Impact

Your dealership can benefit from better online ranking. How can you rank higher on search engines with your social media marketing? Offer relevant links in the content that will allow users to gain more information from the information you share with them. There are many ways to add authority to your posts with links, here are a few ideas:

• Link to your latest blog post

• Articles from industry publications

• News regarding latest models and recalls

• Reviews for your dealership

• Local community information

These links can make a huge difference in the overall ranking of your website pages.

Images Are Impactful in Your Social Media Marketing

Share photos that help tell the story of what you’ve written, or vice versa. Having an image that supports the text content is helpful to anyone trying to visualize what you’re telling them in a story. Here are some great ideas of images that can grab the attention of your audience on social media:

• New vehicles on your dealership lot

• Happy customers with their new purchase

• Employees at work – put a face with a name for customers

• Safety protocols your dealership has taken

These are only a few of the ideas you can use, you may find more ways to share photos and images with your customers.

Choose the Right Social Media Channels for Your Marketing Efforts

Currently, the most popular social media channels for car dealerships are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Facebook and Instagram are easy to use together because one owns the other and the two have conjoined posting capabilities to make sharing on both easy for you. Twitter is known for car sales and has been one of the leaders in the social media world for commerce across various industries.

Social Media Should be Fun

How you’re feeling about what you’re doing on social media comes through easily. If you’re going to share videos or images, you want to appear that you’re having fun, and you should be. This part of your marketing efforts can be the most fun, especially when you see the engagement offered by customers with your account.

Remember to Focus on Local Content

Your car dealership is a physical location where customers can purchase a new or used vehicle. You live and work in a local community. Ensure your social media marketing posts include some local content regularly. This will help narrow your audience and create engagement that can turn into leads and then into sales for your dealership.

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