You pay to be at the top of some pages, but the gold in your marketing strategy is found with your organic search ranking.

This is where your website ranks for keywords that you don’t pay for. If you want to be at or near the top of this more affordable goldmine, you have to employ some specific strategies in your marketing. Let’s take a look at a few of them now.

Focus on High-Quality Content

The content you create needs to be useful and hold the attention of your audience. This means it needs to answer their search needs. If you offer a fluff-filled page that doesn’t address the needs of the reader, you’re not giving them high-quality content, regardless of how well-written or produced it happens to be. Answer the burning question based on the keyword used to find your page.

Be Original to Improve Your Organic Search Ranking

The content you offer needs to be high-quality, but it also must be original to you and your website. You can’t copy the content of another company and expect it to be viewed as original or authoritative by Google. Keep your thoughts and your content original to your message and offer your users what they expect to receive when on your pages.

Address Any Issues With Page Load Speed

If your pages don’t load within three seconds, you’re likely to lose the viewer. Unless a user has viewed the page previously and knows it’s the page they want to use to answer their questions, they aren’t likely to stay on and wait for it to load. Check your Page Load Speed and make sure every page is loading fast enough to give your users the experience they want when they click on your link.

Ensure Your Images are Optimized

Optimizing images to improve the organic search ranking of a page can be a multi-step process. You need to have an image name and Alt Text that describes the image while using the keyword of the page. It’s also important to ensure the image doesn’t have such a large file size as to impact the page load speed. Finally, the image used needs to be a high-quality image that helps to tell your story.

Header Tags Assist the Organic Search Ranking

Using header tags helps to break up the content into sections and makes them easier to read. You can add keywords in your headers to aid search engines in ranking your page higher than it would without them. Find good ways to add a header to the beginning of each paragraph or section of text and you’ll see your page rank much higher than before.

Design Matters for Your Pages

When you want to improve the organic search ranking of your pages, the format you use can make a huge difference, Pand the design of your page aids in the ranking process. A clean format improves your SEO while one that’s cluttered will bring your page down the list. You want your pages to be useful to your users, but you don’t need to have them be so cluttered with popups and design elements that your users can’t find them.

Tell the Story with your Meta Descriptions

The meta description of the page gives users a glimpse into the content to let them have an idea of what this page has to offer. Your meta description needs to include the keywords and tell the story in a few words. If you have good meta descriptions for your pages, you will see the rankings of your pages rise organically.

Link to Other Pages that Make Sense

When you incorporate outbound links, which are links to other sites that can give your users more information on the topic, you add authority to your page. This is a great way to improve the organic search ranking of your pages. This helps to inform Google that your page and its information can be trusted and used to answer the questions that are raised during a search.

Use Strong Keywords in Your Organic Content

The keywords you bid on and pay for are great for having your pages at the top of the search list but you need to have strong keywords used for your organic content as well. Create a great strategy of the keywords and the length of the content used for your pages. Adding some long-tail keywords to the mix can help a lot as well. Improve the organic search ranking with the right keyword mixture.

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