Ford is already working on making new work vans that will have a significant reduction in the emissions level expelled during driving.

There’s a significant movement away from traditional gasoline-powered vehicles toward the hybrid models that are being offered. With nearly every automaker in the industry promising a number of EV and hybrid models for the future of driving the next place to look for a change in the vehicles that are used is in the commercial sector.

There are many work vans on the roads in every city to offer delivery of goods and provide transportation around the area. This is one area where we need to see an improvement in efficiency to reduce emissions and pollution.

With this in mind, Ford has built plug-in hybrid electric vehicles that will begin testing in Valencia, Spain to give us a look at the added efficiency and the reduction in emissions offered while continuing to get the job done that’s needed. It’s important that these vehicles are able to give you the ability to get your job done.

Most City Trips Use Electric Power in These Ford Vans

The research portion of this project is underway with several of the Ford Transit vans being equipped with an advanced electric powertrain that is backed up by the small 1.0-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost engine that’s meant to extend the battery range of the vehicle. For many of the city trips, if the right amount of range is offered in the electric portion of this hybrid vehicle, electricity will be the only fuel used during the ride, which equates to a drive that’s offered with zero emissions.

In a collaborative effort with the government of Valencia and Valencia City, Ford is studying what a fleet of customer designed Transit PHEV models can contribute to help these cities reach their cleaner air targets while offering the productivity needed for the work vans.

This new program is the second stage of this testing with twenty of these vans already on the roads in London for a 12-month trial to help the company understand what these new models can do to contribute to the cleanliness of the air. The vans in London are currently in use by the Police, courier services, and construction firms.

The idea is to have the electric motor do all the driving for any travel that takes place of up to 50 km (31 miles). The tiny EcoBoost engine will make sure no range anxiety is experienced as the engine adds power back to the batteries. Once the study is completed, Ford will be able to understand more about what they need to do to increase the productivity, allow for better efficiency, and make it possible for these vehicles to be used for commercial duty on the roads around the world when work needs to be completed by any company.

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