When you want to get the most out of your advertising budget, you need to consider automotive PPC ads for your car dealership.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a way to effectively garner more traffic to your website with ads that show up in many different places. The beauty of this type of advertising is the fact that you don’t pay for the ad unless an online user clicks on it. This level of control allows you to manage your capital and get the most out of your automotive advertising budget.

Tips to Create a Successful Automotive PPC Campaign

1. Begin with a Targeted Location and Keywords

Start your campaign with research to make sure your ad is targeted toward the correct audience. Compile a list of all the vehicle models you sell and have in stock and then use the Google Keyword Planner to see which main keywords are related to these vehicles.

2. Create the Ad Copy

The ad copy, or script, for your Automotive PPC campaign, needs to have the keywords and location included but also offer some emotional triggers that can bring feelings to your audience. Add the right call to action for your audience and encourage them to take action right away. The idea is to create a sense of urgency in the customers that will potentially visit your dealership.

3. Follow the Correct Automotive PPC Process

Understand your budget and implement it correctly. PPC advertising is perfect for dealerships with a small budget because of the level of control offered. Develop the landing pages where your ads will send your shoppers when they click on your links and review the results to make sure you’re putting your ads where they will gain the attention you’re looking for.

4. Make Your Campaign Stand Out

Create your automotive PPC campaign to target specific areas. Your ads will stand out when you target a specific brand, the competition, or general automotive information. Include unique offerings inside your ads that encourage your viewers to take action and respond to your ad right away. Get your customers involved with language and events that bring them into your ads with things they care about and want to see.

5. Gmail Specific Campaign

There are 1.2 billion monthly active users on Gmail on average, which gives you an amazing audience that you can target with an automotive PPC campaign that will reach these users. Gmail comes with layouts already in place to help you create ads with ease and give you the visibility you’re looking for. Your ads could show up every time someone in your area opens their Gmail, which is a lot of eyes on your information.

6. Responsive Display Automotive PPC

Using Responsive Display Ads is extremely beneficial in a world where more searches are being completed through mobile devices than ever before. These ads automatically adjust the size and appearance to fit the available space on the Google Display Network, giving you a consistent appearance for your ads. This could be the best way for you to save time and money when creating new automotive ads.

Increase Your Reach and the Brand Message

Not only will you save more time when using Responsive Display Ads, but you’ll also have ads that look consistent to your customers regardless of the device they use. This can be one of the most reassuring aspects of online searches for users. When users see ads on their laptops that look the same on their smartphones, they are more likely to feel comfortable with that company.

7. Create Remarketing Ads

Auto dealers must take advantage of remarketing to remind users that are browsing for vehicles that great deals are waiting for them. This means your ads have to be retargeted to these audiences in order to be successful. The idea is to redirect customers back to your website so they can find the vehicle that’s right for them. This can be an aggressive automotive PPC process, but it’s one of the most effective.

Only Pay for the Clicks on Your Automotive PPC Campaign

Make your advertising budget work right for your dealership with an amazing PPC campaign. You only pay when your ads are clicked on, which is the starting point for you to know that you have an interested potential customer. If your ads are engaging, impactful, and inclusive, you’re going to see more customers click on the pages of your website and engage with your dealership after viewing your ads.

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