The invention of the dash cam has given us a way to record rock solid evidence of our innocence during a crash. This item is one that many enjoy having in their vehicles in order to make sure the actual events of a crash are recorded. When you think about it, this makes perfect sense. A person in a collision could be shaken up and upset and have an extremely difficult time recalling events that happened. With a dash cam that is pointed toward the front of your vehicle, it will be easier than ever to capture a crash and one even has the benefit of GPS included.

The new Magellan MIVue GPS Dash Cam offers you the benefit of GPS location to make sure you can know exactly where you were when you were in the accident that was captured on video. This Dash cam offers you a 130-degree viewing angle to give you a complete view of the road ahead. This camera uses a bright F/2.0 lens and is able to give you crisp HD video, even in low light conditions. While this camera is one that’s amazing at capturing a crash for you, this camera could be used for much more.

What Else Could You Capture?

While the MiVue is a dash cam that can be activated automatically when it senses an impending crash, allowing you to prepare for the crash without the need to start the video, this camera could be used to give you a GPS location and a video that you can show your friends of some fun you can have in your vehicle. With this tool, those driving feats that you talk about can be enjoyed and give you the ability to show off what you’ve done from behind the wheel.

Whether you choose to take your action out to the track and show off the fast laps you can turn or you’re looking to show off the massive boulders you’ve been able to drive over, this dash cam can capture it all for you. It will even capture the view you have while you perform burnouts or donuts in the parking lot to give an amazing look at what you feel and see while inside your car as you drive and find a way to show off exactly what you’re doing when you drive where you want to go.

The MiVue from Magellan is meant to be a system that works to give you the recording of a crash and is activated when the system senses that you will be in a crash, but it can be used for much more. If you’re thinking about putting in a system to record your driving or want to have a system that will activate when a potential crash is imminent you should check out this system and let it be the one that does the recording you want whether you’re looking to show off or be prepared to collect evidence of your innocence.

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