The use of YouTube ads to reach your audience has grown exponentially over the past few years making it one of the best marketing tools.

If you’re selling products online, you must make use of this platform and build a following.  Nearly everyone that uses a computer, smartphone, or mobile device will use that item to search for a video on YouTube today; are they looking for what you have to offer?

The Second-Largest Search Engine in the World

Google is the top search engine, and there isn’t really a close second, but YouTube is in the second position. In fact, many search results on Google include videos that you’ll find on YouTube. There’s no denying the drive this platform has with billions of searches every month. People are looking for everything from a how-to video to cheap and easy entertainment, and they are using this platform to find what they are looking for.

Advertising is Highly Targeted

When you build a campaign using YouTube ads, you’ll have the tools you need to target the audience you’re trying to reach. There are several options when you build your advertising to allow you to reach viewers by:

• Demographics
• Topics
• Customer Match
• Similar Audiences
• Video Remarketing
• Affinity Audience
• Custom Affinity Audience
• In-Market Audience
• Life Events

These targeting options allow you to put your ads and videos where you want them to go so that you can benefit from customers viewing your ads.

Building a YouTube Channel is Free

If you’ve stretched your advertising budget to the limit, but you want to reach a customer base in one more place, make YouTube that place. While the advertising portion will cost money, you can create a channel and reach your viewers where they are. In fact, if you build a large enough following, you might be able to turn your channel into a stream of income.

Marketing on YouTube Helps You Rank in Google

That’s right; your YouTube ads can improve your ranking on the most popular search engine in the world. You want to be at the top of the search engine results pages, and you want to be easy to find when customers search for the products and services you offer. Become the preferred choice with your advertising on this video-based platform.

A Different Form of Connection

Most social media platforms offer feeds with posts from friends and ads from businesses that show up for users to view. YouTube is different from these. Instead of a feed, users can search for videos, series, and information that will help them educate and entertain themselves. This is a more integrated experience for users, and it can be the best place for you to offer informational videos.

Metrics are Easy to Measure

You want to know where your ads are going, who is viewing them, and how many leads are coming from them. One of the best features of YouTube ads is the tracking system that’s included to give you the analytics you want to utilize and enjoy. The easy use of this feature will ensure you can understand which ads and videos are making the greatest impact on your overall sales.

Use YouTube to Drive Sales

Would you like to read a long article describing a product, or would you rather see a video that shows you how a product works? Most of us would rather tune into the video and see how the item is used. Demonstrating products and services through YouTube videos is a great way for small businesses to increase sales and engage with potential customers that will get a feel for your personality.

A Great Way to Keep Content Alive

Using YouTube ads to promote podcasts, video series, and presentations that are based upon the content that you’ve created in the past is a great way to keep that content alive. When you have a message that is consistent and needs to be shared seasonally or several times throughout the year, using YouTube is a great way to keep that continue alive and going strong.

Share Customer Experiences on YouTube

Very few things are as impactful as a video with customer testimonials that can give you the positive feedback you desire from your customers. Sharing comments in videos that you load to YouTube will help your future customers see how others have felt about working with your team. These videos can be linked back to your website or placed within your blog pages for visitors to see when they are on your website.

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