You want to save on your tax bill next year and you’ve got an old car just sitting around collecting dust.
The team at the Newgate School can help you make the most of your old car with their donation program. You donate your old car and receive a certificate that will give you a tax deduction on the taxes from the current year. The value of your old car makes a difference in the amount you can deduct, but the Newgate School can use your old car to benefit those who are less fortunate and in need of some assistance.

A Greater Benefit

You’ll benefit when you donate a car and enjoy a tax deduction, but those who receive your car will benefit even more. The Newgate School is a place where low-income adults can learn the skill of automotive repair and maintenance. This school doesn’t charge these students any tuition fees which makes a huge difference to the future of these students. Your car donation will be used to train these new technicians to understand what’s needed in order to fix a vehicle or keep it on the roads. Your donated vehicle is a tool in aiding these students in learning a new skill that will serve them well for the future.

Another Use for Your Donated Car

The Newgate School is a nonprofit organization and all funds they receive are put back into the school for new equipment and for the tuition costs that need to be covered to allow the students to continue to enjoy the benefits of this school. When you donate a car to enjoy a tax deduction, you’ll help this school by offering them a car they can fix up and sell to bring more money into the school. You’ll benefit as well because if your car is sold the value of your tax deduction will increase.

Single Women Benefit from Your Tax Deduction

When you donate a car to receive a tax deduction at the Newgate School, you might be making a huge difference in the lives of families in your area. This school operates the Wheels for Women program which offers cars to single mothers in the area to make sure they can have a vehicle that will offer them the ability to drive with confidence. These mothers need these cars and the team at the Newgate School is happy to help them.

Every Car can have New Life

It doesn’t matter what condition your old car is in. When you donate a car to the Newgate School to be the tax deduction you want to enjoy, you’ll be able to reduce your taxes and the students and instructors at the school can use it to teach and learn a skill. Sometimes cars that are in the worst condition are the ones that make the greatest difference and can be used the most for teaching these students. Bring your car in and let the Newgate School make use of it.

Title Work is Easier at Newgate

You’re looking for a great way to donate an old car so that you can take a tax deduction, but many places need you to do the title work. The Newgate School is different. All you need to do is bring your title and your old car to this school and they will handle the transaction for you. Before you leave, you’ll have the certificate you need for the tax deduction that you’ll take when you file your taxes next year. Let this school make donating your car easier.

Make a Difference with Your Tax Deduction

You want to donate your old car to a place that can use it and have the benefits of a tax deduction at the same time. The staff at the Newgate School can use your old car as a teaching tool, as a car that can be added to the Wheels for Women program, and as a car that’s sold to add more money to this self-sustaining school. Your car brings hope and education to those who need it, bring your old car and let this school begin to make use of what it still has to offer.

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