Does the New Toyota Supra Spell Death for Manual Transmissions

It’s been a poorly kept secret that there are fewer models being offered on the automotive market that have the availability of a manual transmission than in the past. The fact is, automatic transmissions have been developed and designed to be better than in the past to give us shift mapping that’s quicker than what we can do on our own with a manual transmission. Even so, the expectation is that we would see sports cars, especially those that might make it to the various tracks around the country, would be offered with the option of a manual transmission.

The New Toyota Supra has Arrived

After a couple of decades away from the automotive landscape, the new 2020 Toyota Supra is ready to enter the market once again. This car was one of the most sought after and often tuned sports cars in the world when it was part of the market in the past. If there was ever a car that you would expect to have a manual transmission when it returned to the market, the Supra is certainly one that would have it. Unfortunately, upon arrival, the Supra will only be offered with an automatic transmission.

Unveiled in all its Glory

The new 2020 Toyota Supra took the room by storm at the Detroit Auto Show and showed off with its amazing style with elegant lines and the sports car feeling we’ve been looking forward to. This car was developed in conjunction with the BMW Z4 as a result of the partnership between these two brands. The new Supra is ready to offer us the fun and active drive that will make driving fun on the road and excite us when we get behind the wheel, it just doesn’t come with a manual transmission.

The Manual is still Being Considered

When approached about the lack of a manual transmission in both the Toyota Supra and Toyota 86, the chief engineer of both, Tetsuya Tada stated that a manual transmission version of each could be on the way. Although they might be working on it, Tada also reminded those in attendance at the Detroit Auto Show that cars with a manual transmission aren’t sold in large numbers any longer and that the development of the right manual transmission might be too costly for either of the Toyota roadsters.

The Drive You Want is Still Here

If you’ve been looking forward to the new Toyota Supra and what it will bring for you to have the drive you want to enjoy on the road and the track, you’ve got to be thrilled. This new car will be offered for purchase in the next few months to enjoy the ride. With the power of the right V6 engine under the hood and a dynamic quality to the performance, the Supra is everything you’ve been waiting for. Unfortunately, it could be the next in line of sports cars that shows us the path to the end of manual transmissions.

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