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The rear area of a pickup truck is called a bed, and the Chevrolet Silverado is now offering you a trio of bed options that lead the industry for the 2019 model year.
This new version of the pickup truck you love and admire has improved every aspect of the bed to make it an easier choice for you when you need this area to be where work gets done. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some comparisons to show you how this area of the Silverado has been improved.

The 2018 Silverado Bed Compared to the 2019 Version

There are three beds that have been offered for the Silverado for many years. The 2019 version is so much better than the previous models that it’s now being called a Durabed. The comparison of the three beds from 2018 to 2019 show you the following:
Short Bed – 2018 offered 53 cubic feet of space; 2019 gives you 63 cubic feet
Standard Bed – 2018 versions offered 62 cubic feet of cargo room; this is upgraded to 72 cubic feet for 2019
Long Bed – 2018 models came with 75 cubic feet of room; 2019 gives you 89 cubic feet for more space for your stuff

The Toughness You Want from Chevrolet

Ever since Ford chose to make their entire truck body, including the bed, out of aluminum, Chevrolet has pointed a finger and showed how this material is inferior to steel for the build of a truck bed. For the 2019 model year, the Durabed on the Silverado is made of higher strength steel than in the past. This steel is rated at 500 MPa which is an increase from the 340 MPa of the past. Compared to Ford and Ram, this is the strongest bed in the industry.

Beating the Competition in Every Way

The new Durabed offered for the Chevrolet Silverado is better than what you can find from Ford or Ram across the board. Let’s look at a comparison:

Short Bed

Chevrolet Silverado – This bed gives you 63 cubic feet of space, is 22 inches deep, and 70 inches long.
Ford F-Series – You’ll have 53 cubic feet of space, a 21 inch depth, and a length of 67 inches for this bed
Ram 1500 – The short bed of this truck is 54 cubic feet in volume, gives you 21 inches of depth, and is 67 inches long

Standard Bed

Chevrolet Silverado – This bed is 72 cubic feet in volume, is 22 inches deep, and 79 inches long
Ford F-Series – At 62 cubic feet of volume, 21 inches of depth, and 79 inches long, this bed is still behind the Silverado
Ram 1500 – This truck bed gives you 62 cubic feet of volume, shows up at 22 inches in depth, and is 76 inches long

Long Bed

Chevrolet Silverado – This bed gives you 89 cubic feet of space, is 22 inches deep, and 98 inches long
Ford F-Series – Here’s a bed that’s 77 cubic feet in volume, gives you 21 inches of depth, and is 98 inches in length
Ram 1500 – There’s no long bed for this truck

An Easy Choice

If you know you’re going to use the bed of your pickup truck every day, choose the one that will give you the most amount of cargo volume to get the job done. The clear choice is the Chevrolet Silverado to have the toughness and size you’re looking for.

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