Chevrolet Traverse

Carmakers like Chevrolet are making those adventurous journeys much more simple and easy; all with a bit of well-placed tech.
When you’re looking for a great way to take a road trip to a remote area of the country or in one specific geographic region, finding the most efficient way to drive, or the most scenic can often become a challenge. You often don’t have a variety of choices when it comes to the route you program into a GPS, but Chevrolet has worked hard to allow you to have an easy route to a variety of destinations around the country to make sure you can experience the drive and the scenery you want.

Chevrolet partnered with data scientist Randy Olson to help make your family road trip easier this year. They’ve comprised a map using a custom algorithm to plan the most efficient route through all 48 continental states. This route was planned to offer a stop at 48 of the best-known and most beloved family vacations spots to make sure you could have a planned route and easy way to get where you want to go. This partnership was the result of a study that shows spending time with family and exploring new areas are two of parents’ favorite ways to enjoy a road trip.

Where Does this Chevrolet Road Trip Take You?

Along the routes that have been planned are a variety of national parks, theme parks, national landmarks, and several things in between. This map provides an efficient way to travel from one site to another to allow the least amount of backtracking and stress during the ride. The beauty of this mapped out road trip is that it can start anywhere and go to wherever you want and know you’ve got the perfect route to make sure you have the drive you’re looking for and the qualities that certainly make it the right way for you to enjoy the drive.
In order to travel the entire 48-State Route, you would have to be seriously dedicated to the road trip and want to experience thousands of miles of driving. This route covers a full 13,389 miles on the odometer which doesn’t include time and mileage for stops and breaks during the ride. At the speed limits for every road, and assuming an unlimited amount of gas, this route would take you 214.56 hours which is nearly nine days on the road. This would be an excellent road trip to take if you had a month or more to spend traveling.
Of course, you don’t have to travel the entire route and spend all this time on the road. Chevrolet worked with Olson to develop shorter routes that take you around different parts of the country including the Midwest, Northeast, West Coast, Texas, and Florida. This new road will be uploaded and offered in the Chevrolet models that have the OnStar system or the latest infotainment system. This road trip plan can also be accessed online to make it easy for you to find the best way to get where you want to go when you head out on the road in perhaps, your Chevrolet SUV, for the next big adventure.

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