Hyundai is charging ahead in the EV space, expanding its electric lineup with the new Ioniq 6 sedan which joins the Ioniq 5 at your local Hyundai dealer.

Of course, drivers looking for an advanced and stylish EV are curious how these two rides compare. Read on to see a head-to-head comparison between the Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6, available at Hyundai dealer locations near you.

Exteriors from Different Eras

While the Ioniq 5 and 6 share DNA, their exterior designs draw inspiration from different decades. The Ioniq 5 channels a boxy, pixelated look straight from the 80s. Its origins come through in the angular profile and pixel-like details. On the other hand, the graceful Ioniq 6 embraces a sleek “streamliner” style recalling vintage trains. Both turn heads, so style preference will guide decisions between the retro 5 or curvy 6.

Matchup: Daily Driving Dynamics

For daily commuting, the Ioniq siblings deliver remarkably similar driving experiences. Their smooth, lively rides come courtesy of advanced electric platforms with available all-wheel drive. Fast charging means both can handle road trips with minimal downtime between juicing up. The Ioniq 5 gets a slight performance edge, reaching 60 mph marginally quicker. But both offer more than enough acceleration for the average driver.

Cargo and Passenger Room Faceoff

Given its crossover design, the Ioniq 5 unsurprisingly provides greater cargo versatility. The rear seats fold completely flat to fit large items, and you get over 25 cubic feet of rear space. The Ioniq 6 sedan has a smaller trunk but ample legroom for backseat riders. Shoppers needing to haul bigger loads should lean towards the 5. But most commuters will find the 6 sufficiently roomy.

Tech and Connectivity Showdown

You can’t make a wrong choice between the two when it comes to technology. Both come standard with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Hyundai’s user-friendly infotainment system. Available upgrades like a transparent heads-up display and premium Bose audio take things up a notch. Since the 5 and 6 share the same advanced tech features, this round is a draw.

Battle of Battery Life

When it comes to driving range, the aerodynamic Ioniq 6 has a slight advantage. Thanks to its slim, wind-cheating shape, the 6 can manage an EPA-estimated 361 miles from a full charge. The Ioniq 5 puts up strong stats as well at 315 max miles per charge. But the 6 ekes out more mileage from its sleek profile.

Finding the Right Fit at Your Local Hyundai Dealer

With comparable performance, choosing comes down to priorities. The Ioniq 5 fits the bill for shoppers wanting more cargo versatility or eye-catching retro style. Families and outdoor enthusiasts take note. For road warriors and commuters focused on range, the 6 hits the mark. There’s no unambiguous winner, as these two EVs are amazing in their own rights. Make sure to test drive both at your favorite Hyundai dealer to reveal which Ioniq best fits your needs.

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