When you build high-powered and pricey sports cars that are luxury filled and bring in the expected perfection there is a lot of track time involved in the testing and tweaking that needs to take place. Every aspect of the car has to be perfected to make sure the car can take on the challenges in front of it and get the job done whenever necessary. If the sports luxury cars you build wear the Aston Martin name you know they have the be right before they can be put out on the market for sale.
We’re looking forward to a new Aston Martin Vantage to be brought to the market sometime in 2018 and this is the car that has made its way back to Nurburgring to be tested to make it ready to ride next year. This car arrived wearing different camouflage and appears to be a car that rides on a shorter version of the DB11 aluminum platform. This new Vantage will be somewhat longer and wider while also being lower to give you the track hugging look and feel that you want to enjoy when you go to the track with your car.

Why Nurburgring?

Even though Nurburgring isn’t the home track of Aston Martin for testing, the challenge of taking the car to the most famous and most harrowing track in the world for the testing that needs to be completed makes perfect sense. As a car we want to know is completely perfected and ready for the drive on any track or road we’re faced with, the Vantage is a car that needs to be right and will likely be challenged to perform some fast laps at Nurburgring in the future, which makes testing at this track something that makes perfect sense.
Under the hood of the new Aston Martin Vantage, we will see a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that has been sourced from AMG. This will be likely offered with two different power stages but the range-topping power plant is the Vantage V12 which uses the new 5.2-liter V12 engine that will pump out a ton of horsepower. Currently, the only transmission is a six-speed manual but there might be an automatic transmission added as an option later to make this a car that’s accessible to those who don’t want to row their own gears.
The new Aston Martin Vantage will eventually be offered and it is the successor to what we’ve seen with this name in the past. This is a car that is smooth, elegant, sophisticated and powerful to be one of the most engaging and impressive sports luxury cars to make it to the market. As Aston Martin continues to develop this car we’re going to see more of what we want on this model and be able to admire what it will bring. Until next year when we get to see the Vantage in all its glory, the admiration will simply be for the camouflaged models making their way around Nurburgring.

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