Now, more than ever, your car dealership’s digital marketing team needs to help you stay on top of the latest automotive marketing trends.

These trends have as much to do with how we engage with technology as they do the behavior of the next generation of car shoppers. Your customers may have been impacted by the economy and the recent pandemic, which means you need to be sensitive to these topics and include them in your marketing as well.

It’s Not Too Late to Make Changes for 2021

Many of the marketing trends you’ll find have been identified as those that will make a huge difference in the results you find for this year. Even though we are nearly halfway through the year, you’ll want to employ these trends in your strategy and see if they can assist you in building the best marketing plan for this year.

Make the Online Customer Experience Your Top Priority

It’s been a trend for a while and it’s one you need to continue to put your time and energy into. Create the best online customer experience and let your audience see what you have to offer. This is one of the automotive marketing trends that can give you the results you need. If you would enjoy shopping for a vehicle on your website, there’s a good chance many of your customers would as well.

The Type of Customers You Serve is Changing

Do you wonder why there are fewer compact cars in the automotive market? The reason for this is because SUVs and pickup trucks are becoming more popular than ever. Many shoppers are turning to these larger vehicles instead of the compact cars that were once the most popular vehicles in the market. If you’re wondering which models you should focus on with your marketing efforts, SUVs and trucks are the answer.

The Next Generation is Ready to Buy Cars

You don’t have to spend as much time trying to appeal to millennials any longer, the oldest of this generation are turning 40. The next generation, which is Generation Z, is ready to start buying cars and will become the next group of new customers. Build marketing that appeals to this group and let this be one of the automotive marketing trends that you add to the mix.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is Still a Real Thing

During the lockdown part of the COVID-19 pandemic, car dealers turned to online sales to regain some of what would have been lost revenue. As we look to come out of the pandemic and more businesses are opening to customers without masks, you still want all of your customers to feel safe and clean at your location. Continue to make your cleaning efforts a priority in your marketing.

Don’t Ignore the Millennials, They Will Create a Boom

Millennials have been part of the automotive marketing trends for several years and that won’t end anytime soon. Most of your customer base is likely to be from people in this generation and they are the shoppers you want to build your marketing around. This large group of people in your area should be the group you target the most with your marketing.

An Auto Shortage Has Created a Need for More Incentives

Factory shutdowns and parts shortages have led to an increase in prices and fewer incentives being offered. This slowing of sales for new models may allow you to increase the incentives you offer on the used models you have at your dealership. Focus some of your marketing efforts on these models and let them help you drive your business for a while.

Showcase Your Safety Protocols

How are you keeping your customers safe when they arrive at your dealership? This is something you need to tell your customers and since the COVID-19 pandemic, this has been one of the most important automotive marketing trends. This trend continues to be important to many of your customers who want to feel that you’re offering a safe environment for them to purchase a vehicle.

Use These Automotive Marketing Trends to Drive Sales

Most of the trends discussed seem simple enough. Focus on the right models, the right age groups, and the safety of your customers. Offer the experience they desire, showcase your used vehicles with some incentives, and make it easy for your shoppers to work safely online. Put these trends to work in your digital marketing and you’re going to reap the benefits of a sales year that’s better than you ever expected.

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