If any automaker intends to take down Audi in the EV market, it will need to add several more models over the next few years.

Five, that’s right, count them, five is the number of electric vehicles already in the Audi lineup. This means Audi has more electric vehicles than Tesla and any other brand name in the market right now. This head start in the new world of the automotive market gives this luxury brand a leg up and might be nearly impossible for other brands to match. Only time will tell, but right now, we’re looking at what Audi offers.

Audi vs. Tesla: Which Brand Has More?

Tesla only makes electric vehicles, but until the sports car returns and is a production model, they only offer four vehicles. These are the Model 3, Model X, Model Y, and Model S. While each is offered with variants that could mean the Tesla menu is much longer than the Audi listing, there are only four names. Audi brings us five distinct electric vehicles with the e-tron, e-tron Sportback, e-tron GT/RS, Q4 e-tron, and Q4 Sportback e-tron. It seems we have a bit of an EV battle brewing.

What Does Audi Plan for the Future

Five is not where Audi will stop with its EV lineup. This luxury brand had bigger plans, and starting in 2026, every new vehicle offered will be an electric vehicle. This brand already has more than 19 billion euros committed to building more electric vehicles. Not only will we only see electrified Audi models in the future, but 2033 will be the final year for internal combustion models from this brand. Could this be the brand more of us turn to than any other when looking for an electric car to drive? Audi might have more options, which will certainly take us in that direction.

Tesla’s Hold in the EV Market is Shrinking

The proliferation of electric vehicles into the market certainly means Tesla won’t have the same stranglehold on the EV market they’ve had for several years. As of August, 68 percent of the EVs sold were Tesla models. That sounds like a strong hold on the market, but it’s down from the 79 percent that Tesla enjoyed in 2020. As more models hit the market, Tesla will feel the pressure that comes with a growing industry. Will they keep up with other automakers?

Other Brands Should Benefit from Audi’s Growth

The continued growth of the Audi EV lineup should influence other brands from the VW Group. The lineup will be SUV-heavy, which is expected from every auto brand in the market. The e-tron platforms should translate to more electric vehicles coming from the Volkswagen brand and might translate to other brands as well. VW already offers us the ID.4 and has the ID.Buzz on the way, but we might see more electric models offered by this brand as we move forward. What’s the next offering that will wear the VW badge?

Audi is Part of the VW Group’s Electrify America Plan

The Electrify America charging network consists of 3500 individual public chargers right now, and by 2026, there will be at least 10,000 of these chargers in North America. Audi is part of this network, which allows the brand to offer charging at these stations to new Audi owners. Currently, new models come with free charging at this network, and all models offer nearly 240 miles of driving range from a full charge. The next focus could be to increase driving ranges with better EV batteries.

What is the Audi e-tron?

If you’re looking for a midsize luxury SUV that runs on electricity, the Audi e-tron is the right vehicle for you. This EV SUV comes in either the regular model or as the sleeker Sportback version and gives you the option of either a two or three-motor setup. If you opt for the three-motor version, you’ll enjoy the S version of this Audi and have the electric driving you’re looking for. The 2023 version delivers a maximum driving range of 222 miles. Unfortunately, this driving range is about 100 miles less than the BMW iX, which means Audi needs to focus on adding better and bigger batteries to its lineup.

What are Some Items You’ll Love in this Electric SUV?

The e-tron lineup brings you an adaptive air suspension as part of the standard equipment. Most models are tuned for comfort, while the S versions offer a sport-tuned quality to this suspension. This SUV is one of the best options when you’re reviewing the Audi EV lineup.

Audi continues to offer the Virtual Cockpit feature to its electric vehicles, including the Audi e-tron. This feature gives you a 12.3-inch configurable digital driver information display. The display shows the information you need, including navigation and infotainment items, to give you an easy way to know what’s going on.

Your phone signal is boosted inside the Audi e-tron with the wireless charging and phone signal boosting of the Audi Phone Box. This feature is part of the Premium Plus level of this SUV. This is part of the infotainment system, and it includes wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

If you live in colder climates, the Audi e-tron is what you want to drive. This Audi SUV is part of the EV lineup that makes it much easier or you to have a warm car and an EV that drives efficiently. The e-tron has a heat pump to bring you warm air and warm the batteries to make sure they can offer the best performance for your drive.

Will You Drive an Audi EV?

It’s entirely possible one of the vehicles you find in your driveway will be an Audi. With more electric models coming, it’s easy to see why Audi is gaining so much respect in the EV market. Will you turn away from Tesla and toward Audi, or is there another brand you want to drive? Nearly every automaker either has an EV right now or will have some in the future; Audi seems to have a pretty good head start. Will any other brands find a way to catch up with Audi?

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