Adding to the Largest Part of the Market: Crossover SUVs

We have had some brands that have chosen to offer us a variety of models that are built specifically for the US market. Volkswagen offers us the Atlas and Nissan gives us the Maxima and now it seems that Mazda will offer a new model that could fit into the market of new crossover SUVs that will help spark a sales increase for the brand.

This new crossover will be built in the US and will be geared specifically for our market to be the next one we can enjoy driving.What’s caused Mazda to decide to make a new offer that’s specific for the US? This brand set a goal a few years ago to grow their sales in our market to over 400,000 models per year by 2015.

Instead of reaching this goal, Mazda has experienced two years of declining sales that have caused the team to take a look at what may be needed to capture our attention once again. The decision came to a new crossover SUV that can be the right choice to give us another vehicle that we’re sure to love to drive.

Where Will this New SUV Fit In?

The Mazda lineup has room in between the Mazda CX-5 and the CX-9, especially since the CX-7 was discontinued in 2012. That doesn’t mean this brand will create a new CX-7, but that could be the name we see when the new model arrives.

The goal is to have another SUV added to the market to make sure we take notice of this brand and offer us more of what we’re looking for when we head to the Mazda dealer for the vehicle that can give us the drive desired.

In order to make this new SUV more appealing to the American market, the plan is to have a large crossover SUV that has a flat floor for loading cargo into the rear while also offering us a new style that’s more in line with what we might expect from a vehicle that’s built in the US.

As this crossover is developed we can expect to enjoy more details to be unveiled so that we can learn what will be perfect for us to have the drive we want when it’s time to get out on the roads and enjoy what this SUV will bring.

Of course, the new crossover SUV isn’t all that Mazda has up its sleeve as they have plans to roll out the new SkyActiv-X compression ignition engine in the 2019 model year. This engine will make its debut in the new Mazda3 to give us a look at this amazing power plant that can be the right choice for the drive we want to have on the roads.

Mazda may have had sales slip over the past couple years, but they are certainly poised to turn things around in a hurry and capture our imaginations once again with a new SUV and new engine technology.

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