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Automotive SEO

There are only three things we focus on – search, social, and content. These are our specialties.

In an ideal situation, a company will focus on a single niche. These are the companies that are able to accomplish the most up until the point where size and resources make it possible to delve into other ventures by forming the equivalent of other companies. Google, for example, focused on search, search, and search until they had the clout and cash to go into other areas.

We’re not going to be as big as Google any time soon, but we do want to maintain the same focus. The reason that Dealer Authority has three focus points rather than one is because, technically speaking, it truly is one holistic model. Search requires social and content to work. Social requires search and content to work. Content affects both search and social. It’s three components of the same marketing strategy.

We formed Dealer Authority in 2013 to fix the biggest problem in the automotive digital world – parody. With the consolidation of companies forming super-vendors that handle everything in a one-stop-shop model, their clients are unfortunately falling behind as a result. Good at some things, master of none – it’s a model that leads to a bunch of mediocre marketing strategies.

Our clients will be handled differently. We believe in a high-touch, extreme-results play in the automotive arena that is unprecedented. Our clients will not simply improve. They will dominate.

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