What are the best gifts for the car enthusiast in your life? Whether it’s their birthday, Christmas, or a random thank-you gift, you want to get the right stuff.

Thankfully, there are many cool items you can get for that person who loves their car more than life itself. Most likely they love to tinker, clean, and care for the car to keep it looking its best and running right. This means you’ve got a wide array of great choices that could be the ideal gift when it’s time to give them something you know they’ll use and enjoy.

Help them keep the interior clean

A car’s interior is where most of us spend all of our time with our vehicles. If you’ve got someone in your life who loves to work on and care for their car, something to help keep the interior clean could be a great choice. Check out Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaning Wipes. A pack of 50 wipes makes this a portable gift that’s made to clean up everything inside the car. These wipes are great for plastic, leather, wood, and glass, making them versatile and useful.

Everyone needs to check their tires

The old stick tire pressure gauges are less than useless. If you want to give the car enthusiast in your life one of the best gifts, the AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is a great choice. This little tool provides consistent tire pressure readings and makes it easy for your gift recipient to know where they need to add air to their tires. Considering most project cars aren’t modern vehicles, it’s likely your car person will love having this little tool in their glove box.

Help them protect their hands

Working on cars and in repair shops can be tough work. There’s often a lot of sharp and hot objects that can wreak havoc on hands. One of the most useful gifts you can give is a set of Mecahnix Wear Work Gloves. These gloves offer the protection requires to prevent burns and cuts while allowing a full range of movement. They even work while using touchscreen devices, which means they can be worn all day long. Help your car person protect their hands with these cool gloves.

A clean carpet leads to a pleasant environment

Many of the foul smells you’ll find in a car come from the carpet and upholstery. Help your car enthusiast keep their fabric areas smelling right with one of the best gifts. The Armor All Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is an amazing gift to help maintain that clean smell and wonderful look in the cabin. This spray fights stains and keeps things clean without using a bleaching process. When a deep clean is required, a scrub brush is necessary.

Does your car person have a code reader?

Every car enthusiast that works on their car wants to have a code reader at the ready. This item helps them understand what’s wrong with the car. Make sure they aren’t driving and working on a car without an OBD-II port first. Once you’ve checked that, a code reader could be the best gift you can give your car enthusiast. The KOBRA Products Scanner Car Code Reader is an affordable option, giving your car person a bit more information when they want to know why the car isn’t running right.

Keep the car looking right while working under the hood

One of the worst feelings a car lover can have is knowing they’ve scratched up the paint on the fenders while working under the hood. Using fender covers helps to avoid this problem and can be the ideal gift. The GEARWRENCH Magnet Fender Cover is durable and made to protect the bodywork while under the hood. The magnets allow the cover to stay in place while being used, ensuring the paintwork stays protected.

Add that final touch to the look of the car

The exterior shine of a well-maintained and cared-for vehicle is hard to beat. If your car enthusiast is always washing their car, give them one of the best gifts to offer that final shine. A bottle of Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Wax can provide that finishing touch to make the car look its best. This item seals the paint and prevents new dirt from sticking to it. This allows the car to look its best for much longer than when it’s not used.

Will you give your car enthusiast some of the best gifts to help them keep their car looking and running its best? If so, these seven should be at the top of your list.

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