If you are buying a used car, chances are you like saving money. You can save even more by buying a used car with excellent gas efficiency. But which cars are those? Keep reading to find out which three compact cars are the best for fuel efficiency.

Buying Used: Good for Your Wallet and the Environment

Whether your motivation for buying an efficient used car is fewer stops at the gas pump or you want to minimize your carbon footprint, there are plenty of great options to choose from. Brands such as Toyota, Hyundai, and Ford are some of the best for having used cars that are great for saving money on fuel. If you plan on buying a car that gets good mileage and is reliable, it’s important to do your research, weigh your options, and know which used cars are the best.

Ready to start saving with a used car that has excellent gas efficiency? Let’s dive in!

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is constantly made fun of, but it’s undeniably an amazing vehicle. These cars get impeccable mileage, 50 combined mpg, and will last a very long time. This vehicle isn’t known for how fast it can drive, but it’s got decent tech features and is incredibly reliable.

3 used compacts for excellent gas efficiency - toyota prius

When shopping for a used Prius, you’ll want to check its battery life. Hybrid batteries are costly to replace and if the battery powering the Prius is nearing the end of its life, you’ll want to negotiate a lower price.

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta was a remarkably popular compact car. It offers everything a compact sedan should, and it looks fairly nice, too. With amazing reliability ratings and a good drive, the Fiesta is a great used car to get if you are looking for one with good fuel economy.

3 used compacts for excellent gas efficiency - ford fiesta

As with any car, you’ll want to check the service history on any used Ford Fiesta you’re looking at. Knowing that the car was well looked after by previous owners will give you peace of mind when you hand over your hard-earned cash.

Hyundai Veloster

The Hyundai Veloster is another car with awesome gas efficiency. With three doors, the Veloster has head-turning style. It also delivers impressive performance ratings and gets good mileage too. If you are looking to ride around in style and save some money on gas at the same time, then you should try to find a used Veloster.

3 used compacts for excellent gas efficiency - hyundai veloster

If the Veloster you’re buying is less than ten years old, it may still be covered under the 10-year/100,000-mile warranty. It’s definitely worth checking out when you’re shopping for a used vehicle.

Shop Smart When Buying Used

Before you go hunting for your next car, it’s important to remember that even though modern cars are built to last longer, you are still going to have to sniff out some lemons. No matter how badly you need a car, you don’t want to inherit someone else’s problem, so get all of the information you can about the car and give it a top-to-bottom inspection (preferably with a trusted mechanic) before you fork over your money.

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