2016 Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot has been heading towards a revamp for a while. It’s not that the large SUV needs anything new to make it special. It needs the revamp to make it newsworthy, to get it the attention that it deserves. There’s a problem, though. How do they make it newsworthy without taking a bite out of the buzz that surrounds the Acura MDX, its luxury counterpart that has been leading the luxury SUV segment?

Their solution was to create something completely different from the MDX. Comparisons and a certain level of cannibalization are going to happen, but they made the third generation Pilot to be it own vehicle despite the comparisons and similarities. It was nicely reviewed on Torque News recently and the result was pretty self-explanatory: buy this vehicle.

Will 2016 Honda Pilot drive itself? Well, in true Honda fashion, we’re held to a press embargo as to 2016 pilot drive and ride impressions. That’s fine. Here’s what we can share: Based on information released through Honda’s Jeff Conrad’s presentation at the Chicago Auto Show, we know that Pilot will come to dealers in the early summer of 2015; with a more powerful engine, a base 6 speed automatic transmission, and a 9 speed automatic transmission option.

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