Social media networks are more important than ever and attention grabbing social media strategies are necessary for car dealers.

More car shoppers than ever before begin their research online and much of this begins with social media. When it comes to posting on these platforms, anyone looking to grab the attention of an audience only has a few seconds to make their pitch and reach that potential customer. This means it’s important for car dealers to utilize the right strategies and posts to bring more customers to their websites.
Here are ten ways car dealers can use social media to grab the attention of potential customers.

1. Facebook still reigns supreme

Some people might try and tell you that Facebook is heading the same direction as Myspace, but that’s certainly not the case. Between Facebook, Marketplace, and Messenger, there are some great ways for you to grab the attention of your potential audience through this social media channel. Whether you simply post new content from your blog or advertise your inventory using Marketplace, Facebook has a ton of great ways for your dealership to succeed in the social media world.

2. Get your team involved in the social media strategy

Create some attention grabbing social media strategies for your car dealership by asking your team for some assistance. Whether you’re the social media manager and ask the sales team or you look to some of the support staff, brainstorming can be a great strategy. When you open the floor to creativity and get the conversation going, it’s amazing where things can go. Your team will come up with some amazing ideas that could easily grab the attention of your target audience.

3. Twitter is a great place to post your content

Twitter is second only to Facebook for car research and shopping. Twitter offers a complete business-oriented suite of services to make it easy to advertise, campaign, target, or analyze the results of your social media efforts. You can promote various forms of content on Twitter, similar to how you can post on Facebook. In fact, nearly everything you put on Facebook should also represent your dealership on Twitter. It might take some trial and error to find the right posts for your Twitter audience, but once you find it, you’ll see some incredible results.

4. Experiment with various forms of content

You might think you’ve created some attention grabbing social media strategies to promote your car dealership, but some could fall flat. You’ve got to experiment with various content and be objective about the results. How did each form of content perform, what part of the audience was reached? Some users might respond better to Instagram and not Facebook while others will do the opposite. Find the right posts for each platform through experimentation and report analysis.

5. Create a social media budget

Everything costs money and your car dealership won’t grab any attention if you’re not present on the right social media platforms. Establish the budget that works for your dealership and let your money work for you. The most important platform is Facebook, but you’ll want to utilize more than one site. Ask your team to boost your posts by sharing them and reposting them on their accounts.

6. Video marketing should be part of your social strategy

Most people want to watch a video rather than reading 3,000 words about any topic. Think about the newest social media platforms, which are video-heavy and you’ll realize this is true. Don’t forget to add videos to your content when you want some of the best attention grabbing social media strateies to support your car dealership. Car shoppers will love to see your team demonstrate a vehicle, take it on a virtual test drive, or talk about the comparison of two or more models.

7. Create an automotive meme folder for future use

Don’t you hate it when you see a great meme one week but can’t use it until the next week. If you don’t save that meme for future use, it might not be easy to find. If you see some car-related memes, save them in a folder that can be used as part of your social media strategy. This helps you have some great quips and ideas to build content. Some of your content can be built around the memes you’ve saved.

8. Use the right images and videos to reach customers on Instagram

Some of your potential customers could be first-time car buyers while others have had several vehicles in their lives. Instagram is a great way to reach a large audience through images and videos. The more compelling the images, the more likely your content will be followed or shared. Stage some great scenes to ensure you’ve got some amazing attention grabbing social media strategies to support your car dealership. You want to be on Instagram, especially with the way it relates to Facebook.

9. Utilize the special features of each social media platform

Every platform offers some special features to make it easy to utilize the uniqueness of that platform without too much trouble. Instagram and TikTok have Stories and Reels to give your customers a quick video to enjoy. These videos can be used on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube as well. Dig in and learn more about each platform to get the most out of it and grab your audience’s attention.

10. A content calendar is a must

Its important to have a regular mix of posts to truly get the attention of any audience. Create all the attention grabbing social media strategies you can, but your car dealership won’t get ahead in this arena without a content calendar. The right mix might be three to five posts per platform per week, but that might not work for some platforms. Find the right mix to keep your audience’s attention and give them the content they desire whenever they expect your dealership to post something new.

Will you put these ten attention grabbing social media strategies to work for your car dealership? Which one makes the most difference for your company?

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