Wheels on Everything

If we can put wheels on it and add an engine, it’s a safe bet we’ve done it at some point in the course of automotive history. This means we’ve tried driving just about every shape or size of item that can be offered for the fun on the road or on the track that we want to have. To celebrate this and show us some of the strangest items that have made their way to the world on wheels, there are a variety of shows we can watch to learn more about these products, a favorite being Jason Drives.

Jason Drives is a show about obscure cars that no one has ever heard of that is returning for a third season and a trailer that’s shown below. This is a show that is hosted by Jason Torchinsky to give you a look and feel of what Jason drives around on the show to let us see what these vehicles are that could be what we would be amazed by when we see what he’s riding around in. You can check out the absurdly entertaining show that Jason brings for us to see what can be the right way to enjoy the fun.

What Makes Jason the Right Choice?

Jason Torchinsky has been a senior editor at Jalopnik and is an entertaining person that offers you the fun and experience you want to have for the ride you’re looking for when you want to be entertained. With the experience he has to share with us on the show, Jason gives us an insight into what can be the right way for the most impressive and entertaining way to see some of the excellent qualities that can be offered for the ride that is different from what you’ve ever seen in the past.

Over the previous seasons of the Jason Drives show we’ve seen Jason drive around in a 1932 Helicron propeller car, a car that looks like a rocket ship, and a tank. It might seem difficult to top these models and offer something more for the ride that you want to enjoy during this new season. We will have the fun of watching Jason get behind a new variety of models including a Honda City Turbo, a Motocompo Foldable Bike, and a pedal driven sit down tricycle that’s shown in the video below that will preview the show that we can enjoy.

Take the time to check out the Jason Drives show and let it entertain you with the wild and strange variety of vehicles that are offered for you to admire and learn more about. This is a fun and exciting show that gives you something seriously different to participate in and admire when you’re looking for some entertainment. Tune in and let Jason take you to a place you wouldn’t expect to go as he drives around in some of the most interesting creations to show you how we still love to put wheels on nearly everything we can.


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