Something Special After SEMA

As we’ve passed the SEMA Show recently and had the pleasure of being presented with a large number of models that had been tuned up and improved with a variety of amazing parts and qualities, the mood was set for an event that took place right after the show had ended. This particular event has taken place following the SEMA show for several years and is an amazing place for some cars to be shown off and give the ability to go up against several others at a special event that’s become part of the festivities each and every year.

The event that captures our attention each year and continues the fun that we’ve been put in the mood for by the SEMA show is the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational, which is a race of cars that are built and capable of being driven on public streets with all the legal items that are needed to make sure these vehicles are safe in a public crowd. This event is an amazing race that’s a lot of fun for the drive that car owners are able to have the right way for the fun that follows the SEMA Show each year.

What were the cars in the race?

This year, as in many years in the past, was dominated by the Chevrolet models that took many of the top spots in the race. This one brand was actually the brand of car for seven of the top ten models that finished the race. The cars that came from this brand that make their way to the finish included the C5 Corvette that was driven by Danny Popp who has been able to finish and win this race several times in order to make sure the Chevrolet brand has a strong showing at this race.

Unfortunately, the Chevrolet brand didn’t secure the top spot this year; that was taken by a Mitsubishi Evo that was able to win the entire race. Although Chevrolet didn’t finish at the head of the pack this year, the brand had an amazing showing. Popp has been able to win this race four times and was able to finish this particular race in fifth place, offering a strong showing in his Corvette that was built and offered on the market in 2003 to be the car that has made it to this race more than many others on the track.

Even though Chevrolet didn’t win this year, the brand has won the crown eight if the nine previous years. This year the top Chevrolet to cross the finish line made it to third which was a 1967 Camaro driven by Mike DuSold. Looking toward the rest of the models in the top ten we saw a variety of Corvette and Camaro models that have been upgraded and tuned to be an amazing selection of cars for the track. The qualifying for the race next year is going to begin soon and the fun will be experienced next year right after the SEMA Show.

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