More and more, people are turning to videos to learn, be entertained, and enjoy presentations. Your video marketing is essential.

The fact that you operate a car dealership means you have many amazing ways to showcase your products, services, and team in a way that will allow them to become familiar with what you have to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the videos you should offer.

Vehicle Tours

Whether you’re selling new or used models or a combination of both, you’ll want to showcase these vehicles with video tours. Show off the features, the style, the performance, the price, and the usefulness of a vehicle. Customers with children can appreciate you telling them a vehicle is great for their family if you show them how well it can work for a family road trip on your videos.

Reviews of New Models

Every year, you have new models that arrive at your dealership and your shoppers are interested in what these new models have for them. Similar to your vehicle tours, but with highlights focused on the new features, these new models can be a huge part of your video marketing. Let your shoppers see what these new vehicles offer that the previous model didn’t. If you have one of the older models still on your lot, you could offer a side-by-side comparison.

Customer Success Stories/Reviews

With the permission of willing customers, you could create videos that showcase happy customers driving away in their new vehicles. Customers that come in for vehicle repairs and are able to drive away with their vehicle looking the way it should, could also be great for your videos. Build some excellent videos that tell your potential customers those others have found what they have wanted with your dealership team.

Get Your Employees Involved in the Videos

One of the cornerstones of video marketing for car dealerships is to showcase the team and let potential customers get to know the company. You can highlight various departments each week, offer a team member spotlight, or simply talk about the company culture you offer. Let your employees create candid videos, show behind-the-scenes activities, and offer live streams of events that you host to let your customer base get to know you much better.

The Seasons Change, So Should Your Videos

If part of your car dealership is a service center, you’ll want to give them the camera for a bit and allow them to build some videos that tell customers what to do when each season changes. What should customers do when winter is on the horizon? How can your customers enjoy their summer road trips the most? What changes need to be made for each season? Put these items into your videos and let your shoppers enjoy what you have to offer.

Put the “How To” into Your Video Marketing

Another way your service department can bring the most to your video catalog is with some amazing “how-to” videos. Let customers who want to know learn how to change their own oil, change a tire, inspect their brakes, and understand more about their car. An informed customer can be the best friend to your service team.

Go Out on a Journey with Your Video Camera

Your vehicle walk-around videos can be done at your dealership, but if you want to truly show your customers what a vehicle can do, take it out on the road. If you’ve got a truck, load it up, hitch up a trailer, and put the truck to work. If you’re talking about a 4WD vehicle, take it to the wilderness for the weekend with the right gear. When you have a family vehicle, let your team load it up and take it to grandma’s house for a visit. This is a great way to show what your vehicles can do. Document the journey and make it easy for your shoppers to be entertained and informed at the same time.

Get Creative with Your Videos

Do you have other amazing ideas that can improve video marketing for your car dealership? Are you just getting started with this process and want to put these ideas into action? Let your videos tell your story, show your team, and highlight your desire to help your customers have the vehicles and services they need and desire. Get that camera going and let your voice be heard in the format that more people consume than ever before, videos.

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