Is there a secret formula to automotive digital marketing? The short answer is “no,” but there are some best practices.

When putting these practices into action for your business, you have an excellent chance of enticing customers to work with your dealership. You’ll have to constantly offer more content to your customer base, but this will help you become the top choice in your market.

Improve Your Automotive DigitalMarketing With These Best Practices

Begin with Your Website

Your online strategy needs to be a supporting aspect of your website, not the other way around. The website should be optimized for mobile searches, it needs to contain excellent content for your shoppers to see, and it should be the foundation of your online marketing process. Everything else you do should support your site and reflect it to give your marketing a consistent feeling for customers to admire and enjoy.

Excel at Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Only slightly secondary to your website is your SEO. If you want your customers to find your site, your automotive digital marketing needs to present SEO that brings your pages to the top of the various search engines. Focus on your on-page and off-page SEO practices and give users an easy path to see what you have to offer and what they will want when working with your team.

Impact Your Online Reviews

Your team will be the driver of your online reviews. You want to have excellent reviews to showcase online that will help show potential customers what they will find when they come and visit your dealership. The reviews you offer tell customers how much faith and expertise they can find when working with your team. Find ways to entice customers to fill out reviews on Google or Yelp to aid your website.

How Mobile is Your Website?

The number of customers using their mobile devices to search for websites might make you realize that you need to put a mobile-first strategy into action before worrying about the desktop presentation of your website. If customers can find you easily and use your website through a mobile device, you’ll be doing automotive digital marketing the right way. Make sure your site is mobile-ready and easy for users to access when online.

Email Marketing is Still Effective

You might think you should put more stock into social media than into email marketing, but the fact remains, that email reaches more users than your social posts. You’ve created an email list of shoppers who either bought cars from your dealership, had their vehicles serviced at your location or showed some form of interest in what you have to offer. Use that email list in your marketing efforts.

Drive Conversions from Clicks with PPC Marketing

Take control of your marketing budget and put PPC advertising to work for you. This is one of the most important strategies for your automotive digital marketing. The clicks you pay for let you know that a shopper is interested in what you’re offering in your advertising. Put PPC to work and bring your content to the top of pages, offer ads that are designed for your audience, and control your budget.

Be Super Active on Social Media

The area of your marketing that might take the most time each week will be your social media advertising. It’s crucial to continually offer posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube that will offer an entertaining way for your shoppers to connect with your team. There are many ways for you to know that you’re offering the content that will get others to notice your dealership and bring you the activity you’re looking for.

Include Video Marketing in Your Process

Where do you go when you want to learn how to do something? Do you turn to videos on YouTube? Most likely, you answered that you do this. Part of your automotive digital marketing should be creating videos that your customers can use and enjoy. You have tons of great ways to present videos that will let your shoppers learn more about your dealership.

Is Your Dealership Ready

Once you’ve gone through this list and improved your automotive digital marketing, your team will quickly receive more calls, more leads, and more engagement from your customer base. Are they ready to have more customers? Of course they are, let your sales team be successful because your online marketing has been improved to reach your local customers in the places where they spend their time online.

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