If you’re a business on Instagram, take a moment to check your profile and see if you’re using an Instagram for Business account. If you aren’t then it’s important that you make that switch sooner rather than later. It’s an easy switch and all you need to do is link your Instagram to your business’ Facebook Page, which you likely already have. There are many benefits to converting your Instagram profile to Instagram for Business, so let’s dive in.

Free Analytics Through Insights

One major benefit of using Instagram for Business is access to Instagram’s free analytics called Insights. Here, you can see a breakdown of your audience, content, and activity. You can see which posts your followers are engaging with the most and really dive deep into who your followers are and what they want to see from you. It’s helpful when planning and creating your content that you’re giving your followers what they want to see versus just sharing what you may think will be an engaging post. By using Insights, you can forgo spending x amount on a third party Instagram analytics software.

Link to Facebook

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, sharing content on Instagram to Facebook is easier than ever. While it’s important to plan and post content that’s curated for each social platform, sometimes there is content that can be cross-posted because it’s relevant for more than one audience. With Instagram for Business, you can post to Instagram and toggle the Share to Facebook button, so the post will automatically show up on your business’ Facebook Page.


Running ads on Instagram and managing them is easier when you use Instagram for Business. Ads on Instagram are more likely to be approved and served to more users when the ad is focused on the imagery and less on text. Let the image speak for itself and use the caption to drive home the message. You can also use your call to action button to encourage users to head on over to your website to learn more. Your call to action can also be used to improve your follower count, by encouraging users to check out your profile and stick around for more awesome and useful content.

Shows Credibility & Authenticity

Taking that extra step to convert your company’s Instagram profile to an Instagram for Business profile is what sets you apart from other companies who aren’t marketing themselves to the best of their ability. Similar to how influencers and top brands receive verified checkmarks on Twitter and Facebook, Instagram allows its users to do the same. Now, you can submit proof of your business, so your business will be verified and imposters will be less likely to fool followers. People care about businesses and brands who are authentic and credible and this is just one, easy way to show your audience that you’re honest and ready to deliver stellar content.

Branded & Sponsored Content

If you’re working with influencers or teaming up with another brand or business, it’s important to keep that transparency among your followers, and with Instagram’s new branded and sponsored content tags, you can stay within FTC guidelines and remain honest with your followers. Instagram makes it easy for you to tag a business partner. If you work with multiple influencers, you can opt to have their branded content tag approved before it goes live, and once you’re comfortable with an influencer, you can toggle that function off, so you don’t have to manually approve their tags every time.

Instagram’s Growing

Instagram has grown since it first launched in 2010. Nearly a decade later, it has become a top resource in digital marketing, and it will only continue to cater to businesses and creators in the years to come. It’s important to figure out how Instagram fits into your business’marketing plans and carve out new space if it’s not already in the plans. Remember to choose Instagram for Business and start building up your company’s credibility and authenticity, today.

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