The Honda Ridgeline is a midsize pickup truck that does things differently. This truck makes use of a unibody construction to feel more like a car or an SUV when you take it for a drive. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of a variety of great features offered in this truck including a 1,500-pound payload capacity and a 5,000-pound towing rating to make sure you can do the things you need to. This is a truck that doesn’t feel like a truck and it brings you the fuel mileage you want when you get in and take it for a drive.

Features You Want in the Ridgeline

Make it a Tailgate Party

When you’re looking at the Honda Ridgeline at your nearby Honda dealer, you’ll see that the bed of the truck offers you a lockable storage compartment for hiding items that are too large or dirty to fit in the cab. There’s a drain plug in this compartment to make it able to be turned into a mobile cooler. You’ll also enjoy the 2-way tailgate, the A/C outlet, and the in-bed audio system that makes the bed of the Ridgeline the right place for a tailgate party.

Intelligent Traction Management

When you run into tough weather or see the terrain ahead that you need to travel across, you don’t want to get out of the truck to adjust things. The team at your Honda dealer will show you how the traction management system of the Ridgeline works for you. This system is adjusted with the push of a button to make it possible for you to handle snow, mud, sand, or normal pavement. The throttle and torque distribution are adjusted to make sure you can easily drive wherever you need to go.

Excellent Features Found at Your Honda Dealer

The Standard Package Offers You More

The team at your Honda dealer will show you around the Ridgeline to make sure you can have the driving pleasure you want. This truck is offered with active noise cancellation, hill-start assist, a rearview camera, power windows, push-button starting, cruise control, a tilt/telescoping steering wheel, and Bluetooth connectivity. This makes it easy for you to get in and start driving the Ridgeline right away. You’ll love the feeling of this truck when you take it out for a drive and make it the model that you love to enjoy every day.

More Truck Stuff in this Small Truck

There are times when you’ll use the Honda Ridgeline for more than just performing the fun and active drive you want. You might need to use this truck to do truck stuff and you’ll need the items offered to make this happen. The Ridgeline has the items mentioned above along with a set of eight tie-down cleats and truck bed lights to make this an easy bed to use. Ask the team at your Honda dealer to show you more of the features of the Ridgeline today.

Moving Up the Trims at Your Honda Dealer

The RTL Models of the Ridgeline

The RTL models of the Honda Ridgeline might be the most popular when you get above the base version. Your Honda dealer can show you the leather upholstery that’s found in the RTL model along with the acoustic windshield that will help you have a quieter cabin when you drive. The RTL-T trim adds Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to make sure you have more of the connectivity features you want when you drive. Take a look at these two trims and see if they have what you’re after.

Going to the Top Trims

The top two trims of the Honda Ridgeline you’ll see offered at your nearby Honda dealer are the RTL-E and Black Edition trims. These trims give you a navigation system, truck-bed audio, a 400-watt truck-bed outlet, the Honda Sensing site of safety features, and more. You’ll want to take one of these two trims out for a test drive when you see your Honda dealer. The Ridgeline is an affordable, active, and enjoyable truck that drives easier than any other truck on the market while giving you the capability to get truck stuff done. Ask about the different trims and choose the Ridgeline that’s right for you.

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