How can you know exactly what your customers think of your business? Survey Monkey can offer the answers for you.

Customer satisfaction surveys are one of the most important tools you can use to grow and improve your business. If you want to learn what your customers like and dislike about your company, products, employees, and practices, using services from Survey Monkey will help you know what changes need to take place.

Why Should You Use Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

Get Insights from Your Customers

Are the prices of your products too high? Does it take too long to get through your customer service line on the phone? Is your website too complicated to allow easy shopping and payments? These are all things that you can learn from your customers with the use of surveys. Often, we don’t look objectively at the experience a customer might have with our products and on our site, these surveys give you the insight you need.

Performance Matters

With the use of customer surveys on Survey Monkey, you can determine the performance of a product or service you offer. This can be a good tool to let you know if a product has a defect, or if it is unsafe for use. You can measure your services and ensure they are being performed correctly and offering your customers the satisfaction they deserve.

Product and Service Development

Do you need to create new products? Have your customers told you that the products they bought from you should be improved or have an additional item offered to make them better? The feedback you receive can help you understand the next step for creating the product that will answer questions and improve the lives of your customers.

Do You Have Loyal Customers?

With so many products and services moving to online shopping methods, you might not have customers that are as loyal to you as you think. On the other hand, if shoppers come to your website and regularly find value, they are more likely to come back. You can measure this through the feedback surveys you receive from Survey Monkey. The reports you receive tell you whether or not shoppers are likely to return and why.

Use Customer Surveys to Improve the Customer Experience

Set up your account to have communication with your customers. While you should thank those that offer positive feedback to your business, when you receive criticism or a negative survey, you want the opportunity to make things right. Sometimes, reaching out and fixing a problem that a customer had with your business is all it will take for you to regain their trust.

Use Survey Monkey to Conduct Market Research Surveys

When you’re considering expansion into a new market, you should find out if your company will be a good fit for that market. This can be done with market research surveys. You can get to know the potential market by sending out an online survey to people in that area. The feedback you receive can tell you a lot about the area and whether or not you should expand into that area.

Take Action with Your Surveys

What makes a positive survey and what makes one that requires that you implement improvements? How should your reports be set up and what will your metrics for measurement be? Review the progress regularly and use the information to improve your business. The surveys can make a huge difference in the growth and performance of your company. Learn from the data received to coach your team and improve your business practices.

How Can You Create Effective Customer Feedback Surveys?

In order to get the most out of Survey Monkey and understand exactly what you need to glean from the reports and surveys received, you must create effective surveys. Think about your customers and how they might answer questions but also make sure the answer selections you give them can offer you specific information.

Here are three things to remember when creating your surveys:

  1. Be Clear –Ensure your questions focus on your business and the experience your customers have with your team
  2. Be Specific –Focus on the specific ways you want questions answered and put those in the selections for your customers
  3. Ask Lots of Questions –The more questions you ask, even if they seem redundant, can give you more information and make it possible for you to gather the information you’re looking for


Put Survey Monkey to work and let your customers help you improve your business.

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