One of the biggest social media crazes is also what should be used to reach new followers. Your dealership needs to know how to use TikTok.

It’s pretty simple to use and share videos that you come up with featuring your dealership team, special incentives customers can enjoy, and the variety of vehicles that you offer. These three items seem to be the formula for any of your social media campaigns that feature videos in the mix. The part that you might need help with is creating the videos that will get followed the most. Here are some suggestions that might help.

The Landscape is Different, Get Ready to Create New Content

We know that other social media platforms are married to each other, work well together, and are easy to share across each other to have consistency and a greater reach. The audience on TikTok might be the same as what you find in other corners of the social media universe, but when people head to this platform, they are looking for something different from what they find on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

To be effective at marketing your dealership on TikTok, you have to find that place between what these users are looking for and the message you need to offer to increase car sales. This space is found by intentionally creating a personality within the platform that shows off a unique side of your brand. You could create a character that is one of your staff members who is fun and energetic, or you might go the other way and offer a funny grouchy salesperson that gives your audience a bit of a fun way to view items that sound negative at first but turn out to be positive and fun.

Creating unique content and a specialized personality on this platform allows you to have something special to offer that will engage more followers on this platform.

Be Aware of the Current Social Media Trends and Bring them to TikTok

We’ve seen several different trends shared around social media throughout the years. Do you remember the ice bucket challenge? That was a lot of fun and was something that was extremely popular through social media. If you’re aware of dance crazes, special trends, or fun things that are making the rounds on other social platforms, you can bring them to the TikTok account for your dealership.

What happens when you’re not finding any trends that you can turn into a video? You create your own trend. If you’ve already created the fun character that will be the centerpiece of your TikTok content, this could be the character that makes the rounds and offers a car-themed trend that will be enjoyed by many other account holders for at least a short period of time.

When you can’t find a trend to add to the mix, create your own and be ready to see how much your followers enjoy what you’ve created. Your list of TikTok followers will quickly grow when you’ve found a trend that others want to follow and enjoy.

Bring Automotive Influencers to Your Audience

It’s been a long-time trend that using social media influencers to help promote your dealership brand is a great way to quickly build a larger following and reach out to those that follow the influencer you’ve hired. Typically, these professionals have a knack for offering amazing and engaging messages in the social media world to ensure you can see the TikTok numbers grow for your dealership account.

During a recent study, it was discovered that influences on TikTok spent one to five hours per day on this platform. That’s certainly an amount of time that is much more than you can afford to have dedicated by one of your staff members. If your dealership and brand were somehow to get into this time spent on the platform by an influencer that you hire, it’s easy to see how you could quickly increase the follower numbers for your account.

If you want an immediate impact and growth for your TikTok followers, it’s time to hire an influencer to promote your dealership and brand message.

What is the Purpose of Your TikTok Videos?

This platform can be used to share videos, and those videos need to have a clear message and purpose in mind. You could begin a series of informative tutorials for customers to understand how they should care for their vehicle during each season or between oil changes. You might want to feature a new vehicle that just arrived, use this platform for video test drives, or you could use it to tell your audience about your latest deals.

There are ways to bring everything you want to share to the TikTok message for your car dealership, but you need to ensure your purpose and objective remain clear throughout every video that you’re going to post. Keep in mind, as you build your content for this platform, that you’re only going to have a few seconds to capture the attention of your audience. The goal is to build a following that regularly visits your page to see what you’re offering them that day. Before you ever turn the smartphone or camera on, you need to strategize and create the story that will go into your latest post. Bring your most creative minds together to bring your TikTok account to life.

With the right purpose and objective in mind, your followers will show your videos to their friends and family, who will soon become followers of your account.

How do You Increase TikTok followers for your dealership?

When you fully understand what TikTok brings to social media, find ways to bring trends to life, bring in automotive influencers to help promote your brand, and create content with a clear objective, you’re going to find more followers that will enjoy your message and connect to every video you bring them. Get creative, have fun, and let TikTok be the new social media platform that spreads your message wider to bring in a new audience.

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