When the budget is tight, and your savings are depleted, you need to look to some of the most affordable cars to drive and enjoy every day.

Your budget for a new vehicle might not reach too much over $20,000, and you can still find a new vehicle that gives you the drive you want at this price. Let’s take a look at this list of the most affordable models you can drive in 2022.

Chevrolet Trailblazer

Yes, you can have an affordable small SUV and know that you’ll have the drive you want at the price that you can truly afford. Get behind the wheel of the Trailblazer and take it out for a test drive to see if it has the dynamic drive you’re looking for. Check out the AWD versions and let this become an SUV that takes you out on the light trails.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Another SUV finds its way onto this list to ensure you can have a couple of options when you’re ready for a drive. The Outlander Sport is small, active, filled with the technology you want, and it’s easily one of the most affordable cars you’ll find in the 2022 lineup. Check out the efficiency and let this little SUV take you out for a drive.

Honda HR-V

Let’s make it three SUVs to start this list and show off the Honda HR-V. This is the smaller version of the CR-V, which is the most popular SUV in the market today. The HR-V comes in at a price that fits your budget and can be had in either FWD or AWD versions to ensure you can have the drive you’re looking for every day.

Chevrolet Trax

It’s the final year for the Chevrolet Trax, which is being replaced by the Trailblazer in the Chevy lineup. This little SUV is a bit cheaper than its stablemate while giving you the comfort, style, and functionality you want in a small and impressive SUV. You’ll be glad to have the versatility this SUV brings when you need to take stuff with you on the road.

Hyundai Kona

If you spend a lot of time in the city, the Hyundai Kona could be the right subcompact crossover SUV for you to drive. This is certainly one of the most affordable cars offered for 2022, and it offers an attractive style, the right price, and a variety of trims that make driving easy for you when you’re ready to have this SUV packaged the right way.

Toyota Corolla Hatchback

You’ll find a dynamic drive, sporty build, and the feeling you want when you’re out on the road in this car. The hatchback can give you 32 city/41 hwy mpg, and it comes to you at the low price you’re looking for. Because of the hatchback build, you’ll have more cargo room than you would have in the sedan version of this car.

Mazda3 Sedan

The sedan version of the Mazda3 is a car that is a bit more affordable than the hatchback model of this car. You’ll love the way this vehicle fits into your budget to be affordable and easy to drive. Enjoy the upscale feeling you get when you’re inside with the premium materials and impressive driving qualities offered in this compact Mazda.

Toyota Corolla

Yes, the sedan form of the Corolla makes the list to be a car you know and love that is also one of the most affordable cars you can drive this year. Because both the sedan and the hatchback are on this list, you’ll find a couple of cars offered at Toyota that can fit right into your budget. There are nine different trims for you to choose from.

Hyundai Elantra

If you’re looking for a car that delivers more features than what you expect to find in your budget, the Hyundai Elantra is the car that could be ideal for you to drive. You’ll be amazed by the variety of features that make sense for your drive, along with the efficiency that makes you feel great when you’re behind the wheel of this car.

Nissan Sentra

The small and attractive Sentra is certainly one of the most affordable cars you can buy, and it comes with safety features and sporty dynamics that will make you smile. You’ll have a more spacious feeling in the cabin of this car than what you find in many of the other models on this list. Get behind the wheel and let this Nissan be fun for you to drive.

Kia Soul

When uniqueness and funky style is what you’re after, you don’t have to stretch your budget to find what you want. Instead, you’ll be more than happy to get behind the wheel of the Kia Soul and let it be the car that brings you everything you want. This car is large inside, filled with connectivity features, and has the longest warranty in the industry.

Hyundai Venue

You’ll be shocked to see a subcompact crossover SUV this far down the list (yes, this list goes from most expensive to most affordable). The Venue offers you an excellent price and the comfort and quality you want when you’re looking for something versatile and easy to drive around in the city when you’re spending your days among the concrete jungle.

Kia Forte

Drive this small and attractive sedan that brings you the benefits of one of the most visually appealing cars on this list. Of course, if you want a sporty design, you’ll want to see the GT trim, which is a hatchback model that might be right for you. You can enjoy up to 41 mpg combined when you take this car out on the road.

Kia Rio 5-Door

The Rio is basically a hatchback that can offer you the daily drive that makes your experience behind the wheel impressive every day. If you’re looking for function, technology, and easy driving, you’ll love this little car. Check out the base price and see one of the most affordable cars that you can drive today.

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